Wedding hair for 2019: messy buns and loose waves

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Thinking outside the box when it comes to wedding hair? Take a look at these upcoming trends for 2019 from two top UK hairdressers…


Up dos are great for weddings and perfect for keeping your hair out of your face and there are some stunning up do looks that can be very soft and flattering, including the messy bun.

To create this look, the hair was blow-dried to keep it smooth whilst creating volume at the same time. Hair was then pulled into a ponytail and secured. The hair was then backcombed to give it padding and volume before being put into a loose French roll. To keep the French roll in place, the hair was secured with hairpins. Hair was then pulled out in areas to give a disheveled look and also pulled out around the face to give a softer appearance. To finish of the look you can also add a gorgeous hair accessory with diamantes to bring some sparkle and glamour to the hair. 

Wedding hair 2019 - messy bun



Bohemian waves are a really simple look to create and are gorgeous for your wedding day. This look is very natural and relaxed, with only a little volume and a soft cascading wave. The boho waves are imagined to feel young, imperfect but refined, soft and feminine, but also cool and messy, the waves have bohemian written all over them and are perfect for brides who have opted for a boho themed wedding or dress. Deconstructed, loose or barely there, they are easy to create and leave hair looking effortless.

Here are some simple step-by-steps to get the most beautiful Bohemian Waves:

Step One;

Lightly spray the hair with a heat-activated texturiser for added hold. Hold the hair straight out from your head, with your hand about half way down the length of your hair. Hold the curling iron in your right hand, bring your right arm up and over your head so that the iron is pointing straight down towards the ground on the left hand side of your head.

Step Two:

Wedding hair 2019 - loose waves

Holding the iron still and with the barrel pointing straight down and the blade closed, wrap your hair around the iron and allow it to twist naturally as you go. Start winding a few inches away from the scalp to allow the wave to fall more naturally and leave an inch or so of the ends straight – this helps to elongate the shape and make if feel more bohemian than glamorous.

Step Three:

Continue around your head, working in similar-sized sections and spraying each section with heat-activated texturiser as you go until you reach the right-hand side of your head, then swap hands and reap as per the left side.

Step Four:

Once you have finished curling your hair, simply run your fingers through it to break up and relax the curl. You can also give it a light brush to make it feel even softer. Blast the hair with a spritz of hairspray to hold the waves.

October 8, 2018

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