Best fake tans for your wedding & honeymoon!

Here at the Vows and Venues Magazine we have tried and tested different types of fake tans. We know choosing the right tan to suit you can be a tricky task which is why we have compiled our honest opinions on a variety of what we think are the best fake tans currently on the market from gradual creams, 1 hour development to overnight. The tans have been tested on a range of skin types and age groups to hopefully take a little stress away from the build up to your wedding day.


In no particular order here are our reviews for what we think are the best fake tans.Moogoo's best fake tans



How Now Brown Cow Gradual Tanning Cream 120g RRP £12.50

First impressions upon opening the tube it seemed to be a little on the runny side, I had to take care when squeezing it, but in terms of application it went on really well and there was no streaking, although it did have a faint smell a little went a long way so I think this product would be value for money. First application left my skin with a slight glow and feeling soft and moisturised, I had to apply this a few times to build up a tan I was happy with. I used gloves to apply this cream to avoid staining on my hands from previous experiences with gradual tans, but this was the best fake tan for pale skin.

EvolveEvolve's best fake tans

Sunless glow body lotion 250ml RRP £18.00

This gradual tanning cream was very easy to dispense out of the pump and had a lovely citrusy smell, like no other tan I had used before. The cream was very thick and had good coverage with no streaking. It was quick drying which meant I could apply it in the morning before going to work, without the sticky feeling all day long.

I first applied Evolve without exfoliating first due to the website stating that the shea would nourish and replenish dry skin, this was true to its word and did leave my body feeling nourished. Overall this was a good gradual tanning cream, and for special occasions would definitely be worth the money.


TropicTropic's best fake tans

Sundrench overnight tanning mousse + tanning mit 150ml RRP £32.00

After fully exfoliating I applied Tropic fake tan with a mitt, the easy to use pump was very suitable as I could dispense as much or as little as I wanted. My first impression was that It went on very pale but as stated on the bottle I left it on overnight which left me with a very nice healthy fake tan in the morning. The moose went on easily and streak free. Although the instructions indicated more than one application may be needed I thought that one was enough and looked very natural, which I think is an excellent feature especially for a bride to be or honeymooner.

I would definitely recommend this as it is the best fake tan I have ever used.


Norvell TanningNorvell's best fake tans

Venetian Sunless Mist - Aerosol Spray RRP £35.99

This tan was very dark and velvety. It applied easily and left me with a luxurious tan which developed overnight. After I had washed it off in the morning it was a really nice and natural bronzed colour. The only downside is that it did come off quite quickly and only lasted a couple of days which was quite disappointing. 

Although it didnt last as long as I had hoped I would deffinatley use it if I was a day guest at a wedding because as stated the colour was verry good.


Model co

1 hour tan mousse RRP £14.00Model Co best fake tans

If you want a long-lasting fake tan without having to wait around for hours whilst it develops, this one is for you. Very easily applied and dried quite quickly, however whilst drying it was very sticky and I felt like I couldn’t sit down or wear clothes without things sticking to me but once dry it was a very even tan which lasted quite long too.

I also really liked the tanning back mitt that came with the tanning set I have never used one of these before and normally rely on someone else’s help but with this mitt I was able to easily apply the tan evenly myself I would recommend this tan to anyone looking for a quick tan boost!



Organic Self Tanning Body Lotion 150ml - For all skin types (£13.50)

Organic Self Tanning Face Cream 50ml (£10.90)Lavera best fake tans

This is the best gradual tan lotion that is great for people who don’t want to use instant tan, and enjoy being able to build up a natural looking tan for any occasion. I really liked the formula. It went on white, and needed quite a bit of rubbing in to disappear, but at least it shows where you haven’t applied properly! I had no problems at all with the tan streaking. When it was fading, I could see that it had settled into certain parts of my body better than others, but it didn’t look bad. Being a red-head and fair skinned, I’m always a bit skeptical of applying tan to my face. I mixed this one with my moisturiser so it didn’t turn too dark too fast! It gave me a lovely healthy glow that I can’t normally achieve with an instant tan.

This tan is perfect for people who want to achieve an all over, natural looking tan. It doesn’t take too long to appear either. It had more of a moisturiser smell, nothing resembling the usual fake tan scent. If you don’t mind having to apply moisturiser daily, then this could just be the one for you! This is definitely the best fake tan for fair skin.


Tan cream's best fake tansTan Cream

100ml RRP £44.95

I Used this tan a few days before going on holiday as I was very intrigued that it contained factor 50. Although it didn't go as dark as I would have liked as it was more of a tinted moisturiser I used it after I had sunbathed and it made my skin very soft and moisturised.

I did continue to use this but as an everyday cream, it isn't a product for a serious tanner like myself and didn't give me the best fake tan results that I had hoped for.


We hope reading this has hopefully taken away a little stress out of picking the best fake tans for you and you'll be a bronzed beauty in no time whether it's for your wedding, honeymoon or any other event.

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