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Wedding stationery trends 2019 – from Ananya

Wedding stationery from Ananya

What will be the top wedding trends in 2019?

Destination inspired trends: We are seeing more of our couple host weddings abroad, with smaller guest lists and a focus on the multiple day holiday-like experience. This echoes in their stationery through the incorporation of maps, travel inspired visuals, and even scents or flowers local to the country.

Illustrations: We’re seeing more clients commission hand-illustrated designs of their party venue or venue area, and even use this as a unifying narrative throughout the decor. This can be used throughout the suite, and completely customised to the style that suits the theme of the wedding – for example including watercolour or foiling. 

Beyond Wax: The Natural Collection

Beyond Wax envelope example

At a time when the trend for experiential weddings is growing and evolving at every turn, couples are more and more interested in reinterpreting old traditions in new ways that represent them – and that can really wow their guests. We are delighted to announce the unveiling of our wax seal collection called Beyond Wax : The Natural Collection. Prices start from £3 per wax seal, and orders can be placed via the Ananya website

Wedding Invitation Making with WowVow

Wedding Invitation making

Weddings are an event filled with personal touches. Those personal touches are what make our wedding day so special. The more personal we can make our wedding the better. A wedding invitation is also full of personal touches. Whether it be the selection of who to invite or writing the invitation or even choosing the invitation itself, wedding invitations are full of personal touches that help to make our wedding so incredible. So why not add another personal touch to your wedding and make your own wedding invitations! WowVow are here to provide you with all the invitation making resources that you need to put another personal stamp on your wedding.