Wedding stationery trends 2019 – from Ananya

What will be the top wedding trends in 2019?

Destination inspired trends: We are seeing more of our couple host weddings abroad, with smaller guest lists and a focus on the multiple day holiday-like experience. This echoes in their stationery through the incorporation of maps, travel inspired visuals, and even scents or flowers local to the country.

Illustrations: We’re seeing more clients commission hand-illustrated designs of their party venue or venue area, and even use this as a unifying narrative throughout the decor. This can be used throughout the suite, and completely customised to the style that suits the theme of the wedding – for example including watercolour or foiling. 

Sustainability: Increasingly we’re seeing couples trying to incorporate natural materials, and have plastic-free weddings. This is not a passing trend, but is becoming a global movement, with all suppliers recognising the damaging effect of the wanton use of plastic. 

Non Traditional Materials and Shapes: We’re seeing non-traditional materials, like wood, plastic, agate, or translucent mediums definitely entering mainstream popularity. We’re also seeing a departure from the traditional square and rectangular format, with a trend towards thinking outside the box in both shape and container.

Deep and bold palettes:Rich navy and purple hues seem to be the new black, as a formal but modern option design. We love that more couples are opting for bold colours, and aren’t Wedding stationery trends 2019 – from Ananyaafraid to balance unusual combinations of dark, neon, jewel tones, and neutral hues for balance. 

Pared Back Luxury:We’re seeing an increase in clients looking for this understated luxury look, with organic cotton, hand died bamboo silk textiles, and unfussy, tactile calligraphy. Stationery is often minimal with the use of calligraphy on deckled edge handmade paper.  Visuals are unstructured and natural, with palettes in subtle and neutral tones.

What trends are officially on their way out in 2019?

Copper, Rose gold, and Blush: We’re seeing a decrease in the focus on blush, rose gold, and blush, which have had a fantastic run over the last 12 months. We’re seeing more experimentation with mixed metallics, and a comeback of silver and chrome.

Tropical:The trend for the tropical look is evolving, with stationery featuring fewer designs of oversized palm leaves and more proteas, pastel-coloured orchids, and quirky florals like anthurium.

Rustic Spaces:The love for “rustic” stationery is also changing, making way for a more refined, industrial look balanced with elegant, soft florals. 

Are there any trends from 2018 you think will carry over into 2019?

Experiential Weddings: We continue to see an exploration of “experiential” wedding design, with more installations, interactivity, and a focus on the guest “journey”. For stationery, this means elevating suites with more hand-finished touches, tactile mediums, and unexpected elements – for example, through statement placecards that wow guests as they reach their seat.

Calligraphy:The incorporation of calligraphy remains a firm favourite, though we’re seeing an increase in the use of bold brush lettering.

Perspex: We feel like the acrylic and Perspex trend still has more to give, as more couples venture into using transparency in their décor, stationery, and attire.

Tied Up:We continue to see couples interested in enriching their stationery with elements that tie everything together – literally! Hand dyed silk ribbon, rich velvet, sparkling twine, and luxurious vellum.

Wedding stationery trends 2019 – from AnanyaBringing the outside in:The trend for bringing weddings to life through greenery and lush blooms continues, so botanical and floral inspired stationery will remain a staple through next year.

What are some of the top locations couples are selecting in your region and why? What are the emerging areas that are officially “on the rise”?

We’re definitely seeing an increase in couples having intimate celebrations in locations that offer more freedom and variety when it comes to venue styles and activities for their guests. Hidden gems in Italy, India, Croatia, and Mexico, for example, have been very popular. The smaller guest lists don’t equal simpler weddings – we’re seeing elaborate decorations and very-detail rich productions. These wedding weekends means stationery suites now include more elements, and the “information” part plays a much larger role as these multiple day weddings become mini holidays for the couples and their loved ones. 

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