Dress to Impress this World Chocolate Day


Chocolate isn’t just for table favours on your big day, dress to impress in the perfect shade of brown. Slaters are a family run menswear retailers and formal hire service with 25 stores across the UK. We love a wedding, and we love making you look dapper for the special day even more.

We’ve got a lot of cool suits, in every colour and style you could want, but we can’t help but think that brown suits are so underrated.


We’re going to show you how to showcase your style down the aisle. 


style1Style 1 – Tweed 

Style 1 – Tweed

Top 8 Summer Bridal Shoes from Rainbow Club

 The ‘sandal’ – Nigella

If you’ve organised the rings, venue, the food, the cake, the band and the dress, but you’re still trying to find your perfect shoes, then Rainbow Club might just have the answer. Rainbow Club’s 2017 collection is full of pretty designs from stand out embellishment and 3D floral detailing to classic courts and shimmering flats, there is something for every summer bride who is looking for something a little bit special. 

1. The ‘court’ – Lucy - £75

Lucy is an elegant yet sexy pointed court shoe. Finished with curvy overlays this style will add that ‘something different’ to your wedding day outfit.

2. The ‘peep-toe’ – Adrianna - £95

An alternative to high-heels for brides?

Yas Bonessi Ballerina gold shoe design perfect for weddings



When it comes to a bride’s big day, there is an expectation to wear sky-high stiletto heels all day, but for many, this tradition can cause more stress than anything else! 

Most of us dread wearing heels for the entire day at work, so why would you put yourself through that pain on one of the biggest days of your life? 

Bonessi Ballerinas wants brides to feel at ease, beautiful and beautiful on their memorable day, and this is why they have designed the Yas Ballerina as an elegant and comfortable alternative to high heels. 

The Perfect Finish to The Perfect Day – The Rollasole Wedding Box

The Rollasole Wedding Favor

You’ve looked gorgeous all day. Now it’s time to kick off those heels and light up that dance floor.

Rollasole are here to help your perfect day go without a hitch. At the end of the night, your heels can just become too much to bear after hitting the dancefloor and doing the table rounds visiting and thanking all your loved ones and guests. Rollasole is a revolutionary roll-up design meaning you can sneak an emergency pair under your table on your wedding day and slip them on during the night!

Fold-up shoes, roll-up shoes, flirtatious flats or pretty ballet pumps - whatever you want to call your Rollasoles; there’s a pair for every occasion, night or day and style to suit your personality and compliment the all-important dress!