This round-up of treatments and hair hacks will revamp your haircare routine in time for the big day

haircare routine

With hair appointments hard to come by, and bouffants in desperate need of some TLC, you may noticed that your hair is looking dull, dry, unruly and has split ends. This round-up of treatments and hair hacks will revamp your haircare routine in time for the big day, to reveal glossy, shiny and healthier-looking tresses.


Hatton Garden jeweller expert tips for ensuring your jewellery is clean and bacteria free?

bacteria free  jewellery

Washing our hands for the 100th time today, but here's the thing...although our hands are now squeaky clean, how do we ensure our jewellery is bacteria free? What's more is that most of us are unaware of the damaging effects of cleaning products on our jewellery and diamonds?

Ben Stinson, an expert from the UK’s leading Hatton Garden jewellers, Diamonds Factory, has compiled a comprehensive guide to cleaning your jewellery in the times of COVID-19, with some additional information about the effects of anti-bacterial gel and washes on your jewellery.

1. Check if the jewellery is in good condition

REVEALED: 5 Top Tips for Planning a Low-Key Wedding

Planning a Low-Key Wedding

To help you with planning a low-key weddingg, Jewellers William May have put together 5 top tips to help you plan a socially distanced wedding to remember.

1 - Refine the Guest List 
Liming the guest list will ensure your low-key wedding is in line with the Governments latest guidelines. Couples still looking to tie the knot in 2020 can do so but not in the usual churches or reception venues with lots of people in attendance.
No plus ones and no friends of friends - your nearest and dearest will still be able to make your special day
Super tip - Set up a video link to ensure those not invited in person can become virtual guests instead

In Sickness And Health

Adam and Sarah In Sickness And Health

Last month, we heard the heartwarming story of how doctors Jann Tipping and Annalan Navaratnam were married in the chapel of St Thomas Hospital in London after having to cancel their planned summer wedding.  Although it was a happy ever after & in sickness and health for Jann and Annalan, many couples haven’t been so lucky.  

For richer, for poorer

Ways to honour your mum at your wedding

wearing old jewellery is a way to honour your mum at your wedding

If you’re getting married soon, there’s a good chance that your mum will be by your side every step of the way. Mums are often integral to wedding planning; from the moment you announce the news to the time you say I do. Yet many wedding traditions are still geared towards the father/child relationship. With Mother’s Day in March, we’re throwing the spotlight on all the special mums out there. And with the help of expert wedding planner Liz Taylor, we’ve outlined some lovely ideas about how to honour your mum at your wedding day.
Borrow something from her wedding

3 tips for getting a good night’s sleep before your wedding day

A woman trying to get a good night’s sleep before her wedding day

A good night’s sleep is just what you need to look and feel your best on your wedding day. But how can you make sure you get enough rest? Phil Lawlor, Sleep Expert at Dormeo, offers his advice for soon-to-be-weds looking to get their forty winks. 
After all the planning, organising, and last-minute jobs, the night before your wedding can be one of the most restless that you’ll ever experience. Whether it's down to pure excitement, sheer anxiety, or just being in a strange environment, losing sleep before your wedding day is all too common.

The rise of bride speeches

bride speeches

Wedding speeches, who’d give them? They wreck your nerves; you study endlessly beforehand and sometimes (don’t say it out loud) they’re not good. However, tradition is still routinely followed and that means the groom, father of the bride and the best man are usually the ones taking the mic to share outrageous anecdotes, flatter the bride and attempt to make the crowd laugh. 
Over the last few years, with a noticeable renaissance in the rise of feminism, perhaps spiking after Meghan Markle took the mic at her own wedding, women are now delivering bride speeches. 

Working at your wedding

Working at your wedding - time planner

When you are planning a wedding, no matter how organised you are even the best laid plans and budget can easily fly out of the window if you don’t take control. Having been involved with two family weddings recently, I soon realised how many similarities there are between business and weddings. 

Here are some top tips learned from years helping companies applied to the serious work of wedding planning!

1.    Have a Vision
Just as you have to set your commercial horizon and think through what you want your business to be – do the same for your wedding. What do you want it to look like, the feeling to be, the memories you will have?  Make sure you communicate it clearly to family and friends.

Secrets of a wedding planner: 12 tips and tricks for planning your big day 

bride with wedding planner

 Wedding planner Rianna Elizabeth has been in the industry for the past decade and has experience organising lavish weddings in Florence and Paris through to smaller, intimate affairs in London.

With the start of Spring just a few weeks away, we’ll soon be entering wedding season. 

Planning the perfect day can be a daunting prospect for some people. But regardless of your budget and whether the task excites you or slightly intimidates you, a few useful pointers from those in the know can never go amiss,

Chic welcome bag inspiration 

A welcome bag for guests

Many of the weddings that we plan are either destination weddings or weddings that are far enough away that guests spend the night in a hotel. We have found that a really lovely and personal touch to treat guests who travel from both near and far is to surprise them with a welcome bag upon arrival to wherever they are staying. It really sets the tone for the wedding and kicks the weekend off on a positive, cheerful note! They are a great way to say “Hello! We’re delighted to have you celebrate with us.” As well as little treats, the welcome bags contain useful information about the celebration and the local area. 

10 wedding wellbeing hacks every bride needs to know

Bride and groom looking out onto a pond after discussing wedding wellbeing

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life – trying on dreamy wedding dresses, sampling extravagant wedding cakes and picking out beautiful flowers…there are so many amazing moments. But it can also get pretty stressful. From deciding who makes the guestlist to staying on budget to agreeing on seating plans, there can be lots of tricky decisions and you can guarantee everyone around you will have an opinion…
But the most important thing? To look after your own wellbeing – there is no point in planning the perfect wedding day and then being too burnt out to enjoy it.

Why women proposing is still rare even in a leap year

woman proposing to her boyfriend during a leap year

By Milena Gorska Wedding & Private Events Manager at The Brewery
Women have come a long way in the last century, from a time of not being able to vote, hold positions of power or have autonomy over our own bodies and relationships, we have seen first-hand the revolutionary changes being made. The world has made significant advances towards gender equality and female empowerment; we have seen the number of women in the workplace and in leadership positions rise, pay levels are starting to equalise and gender diversity and inclusion has become a priority for many organisations. Yet still, to this day, many archaic traditions remain – including the ideology that only men can propose to women.