Can you live stream a wedding?

What a totally mad world we are living in at the moment.  The Covid-19 outbreak has left huge levels of uncertainty everywhere and we're all very much having to live life, one day at a time as we just don't know when lockdown will be ending. 

For those couples who are due to be getting married, you're of course also now worrying about social distancing.  Questions like "do I have to social distance at my wedding?" And "will my guests even be able to attend?", plus many more, are probably racing around your head at a million miles an hour.  Unfortunately, upon asking these questions to your venue, you're probably finding the answer is along the lines of "we just don't know", and that's because nobody does - Coronavirus has well and truly stumped us all.
family wedding on live stream

Something that we often find is able to bring a solution to many things, is the power of technology.  In this case, technology is bringing a huge offering, with the ability to live stream wedding.  By this, we don't just mean a dodgy Skype call from your Uncle's phone; we mean a professionally broadcasted event, that has the potential to stream live to an unlimited number of guests, who are unable to attend.

Don't be put off by the idea of there being cameras set up at your venue.  Think along the lines of the usual kit required to make normal wedding videos, just with the added ability to share every second, live, with family and friends.  All of the special moments that are captured live as they happen, can also be relived over and over again, as your wedding video would also be a recorded event.  Think of it as real-time storytelling, without the wait you'd expect from a normal wedding video.

Live streaming is a great solution 

Now, it would be totally understandable if all of this sounded a little frightening.  For many, the extent of their streaming experience is quite possibly limited to Netflix, so you wouldn't be blamed for not even knowing where to start.  That's where your professional wedding videographer in London for example, steps in.  You'll be wondering "what is the best way to live stream my wedding?" and in brief, here is what I, as a videographer in Gloucestershire would recommend…

How does live streaming work?

Your guests, anywhere in the world who are unable to attend your wedding would receive a live stream link via e-mail, they click, join the wedding party, sit back and enjoy the event while social distancing! This isn't just a solution for the next few months of 2020 and early 2021, this provides options for those who maybe halfway around the world or elderly folk who for health or logistic reasons can't make your special day. An option is to host a live event through our streaming platform, then via YouTube (your own private link) so you can stream on a large smart TV, making it even more real.Example of live streaming a wedding ceremony

1 or 2 cameras can be set up at distance and controlled remotely, switching between you walking down the aisle while your husband to be is waiting. Discreet microphones would be positioned so you would be able to hear the whole wedding ceremony, all from the comfort of your living room.

Wedding Breakfast live video stream

Visualise your wedding breakfast and inviting people from afar to join in! Maybe even allow them to have their dinner at the same time as you. We can keep rolling through the wedding speeches and into the night. Live streaming a wedding really is a modern way to share your special day.

If you are thinking about how some of the special people in your life could be at your big day without actually attending, then live streaming your wedding could be the answer.

Gary is a leading wedding photographer and videographer in Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and London. Please get in touch to discuss if live streaming your wedding could be the answer who those who are unable to attend.

Current Coronavirus information can be found here.

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May 18, 2020

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