REVEALED: 5 Top Tips for Planning a Low-Key Wedding

To help you with planning a low-key weddingg, Jewellers William May have put together 5 top tips to help you plan a socially distanced wedding to remember.

1 - Refine the Guest List 
Liming the guest list will ensure your low-key wedding is in line with the Governments latest guidelines. Couples still looking to tie the knot in 2020 can do so but not in the usual churches or reception venues with lots of people in attendance.
No plus ones and no friends of friends - your nearest and dearest will still be able to make your special day
Super tip - Set up a video link to ensure those not invited in person can become virtual guests instead

2 - Carefully Consider Outdoor and Indoor Ceremony Options 
Hosting your wedding outdoors will give you more room to invite more guests
Perhaps ask a friend or family member to become ordained as a celebrant? This is a wonderful way to make your low-key wedding extra special and one to remember, it will also help to decrease the amount of external people who are present on the day 
Bad weather? It is a concern for many here in the UK but we have a solution - keep your chosen spot to tie the knot, within walking distance of your reception venue
Super tip: The government is currently looking at ways more weddings can be held outdoors, and they’re hoping to remove the need for weddings to have a ‘fixed shelter’. 

3 - Changing the Food and Drink Menu Planning a Low-Key Wedding
'Sit-down meals' are your go to option now with all other, more traditional and straightforward options, now off the table. You’re probably going to have to accept being served by catering staff wearing a mask and glove
If your budget doesn’t stretch to a three-course meal, then consider providing each attending household a packed lunch or perhaps up the quality of service to a posher picnic basket (you can even ask your guests to bring their own crockery and glassware if you’re scared of sharing)
Super tip: When making a hamper for each household, you’ll need to pick items that will travel well, won’t spoil quickly and can be consumed at room temperature or be kept chilled by an ice block. So consider items such as fruit, carrot or celery sticks with hummus, crisps, non-carbonated soft drinks, pies, scotch eggs or sausage rolls and finally baguette finer sarnies!

Tip 4 - Think About Reception Layout and Fun Activities 
Opt for long tables now over short tables. Why? You have to keep social distancing in place of course and whilst the UK is expecting the current 2 metre distance to reduce to 1, the long tables will still need to be catered for. You'll also need to leave lots of room for hand sanitiser! 
Fun activities on the day will need extra special consideration for your evening celebrations. Avoid the retro photo booths, you'll only end up tightly crammed in together - which we advise against!
Drinking... Yes, we have gone there! The more people let themselves go, the larger the increase of risk of flouting social distancing measures. Whilst you don't want to aim for a wedding starved of fun, it's super important to put some measures in place such as one drink-per-person perhaps?
Super tip - if you’re concerned about alcohol intake, then a dry or low-alcohol wedding may be the best way forward...

Tip 5 - Picking the Perfect Wedding Rings 
This is of course a really important part of the process. Shopping back in retail stores is still going to be tricky. Here at William May, we ensure you can choose a wedding ring online. Just make sure you follow all of our dos and don'ts when picking your bands. In addition, thanks to our measuring guide, you’ll find it easy to work out your ring size. 
Super tip: When it comes to choosing your ring, it's important to consider investing in really good, quality materials that will last you a lifetime. An example would be Platinum. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch this far, then white gold (which wears over time) may be a better option for you. If you prefer traditional colours, then consider both 24ct gold and 18ct gold.

Jewellers William May commented:
“With retailers now opening back up across the country, those looking to tie the knot will be wondering how best to plan for their perfect day. Weddings in 2020 don’t have to be off the table, we think a low-key wedding is an intimate and very special alternative option.

Our latest advice should bring comfort to people looking to still get married in 2020.”

The full guide on planning your perfect low-key wedding can be viewed here:

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Friday, June 19, 2020 - 09:15
June 19, 2020

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