Beyond Wax: The Natural Collection

At a time when the trend for experiential weddings is growing and evolving at every turn, couples are more and more interested in reinterpreting old traditions in new ways that represent them – and that can really wow their guests. We are delighted to announce the unveiling of our wax seal collection called Beyond Wax : The Natural Collection. Prices start from £3 per wax seal, and orders can be placed via the Ananya website

When it comes to stationery, we’ve loved seeing the wax seal take on a new life, with creative combinations and uses – and it’s this evolution that prompted the collaboration between Ananya and The Stars Inside. We wanted to play with new textures and colours and give the seal a role in the aesthetic narrative of the stationery. 

For this first collection we have explored natural elements like salt, dried petals, spices, and gold leaf to create a suite of wax seal options that we hope will make couples dream and reminisce. We have absolutely adored embellishing our stationery suites with unique seals, individually crafted for weddings. No detail has been too small to be worthy of attention; each one plays an important part in creating a stunning and cohesive stationery suite that is all about the two most important people at the wedding; the bridal couple. It’s this passion for details and finishing touches that Ananya are known for, and which prompted this collection; our homage to wax seals. 

Here are 5 ideas for using Beyond Wax seals in your wedding stationery.

What we love about wax seals is the sheer versatility and freedom they offer. You can combine several wax colours to create unique swirls of complementary or contrasting tones. With Beyond Wax: The Natural Collectionthis method every seal can become completely unique to the individual receiving the stationery. Not only that, but you can customise the seal to your taste by the quantity and ratio of wax colours used.

When deciding on the stamp for the design which will be imprinted on the seal, you could have a completely bespoke design which includes maybe both letters and an illustration for ultimate personalisation or another option is to have a monogram, for example, of you and your partner's initials, or the date of your wedding. 

You can also choose from a variety of pre-designed romantic, floral and botanical stamps readily available. Once the stamp has been chosen, there are many materials that can be embedded into the seal for extra interest or symbolic representation. For example, use flakes of gold leaf for an opulent look or rose petals for the ultimate romantic feel. If you’re marrying in an English manor, why not include in the seal some dried rose petals and specks of Earl Grey? Or if you’re inviting your loved ones to an exotic destination wedding, why not give it hints of saffron and coffee? Saffron is considered auspicious in certain Asian cultures, so for Asian wedding stationery use saffron on its own. For a culinary inspired stationery, a sprig of rosemary would work well, or a leaf for a natural look and eco inspired stationery. 
As far as the seal is considered, it can have crisp edges for a more formal or traditional look, or a more loose edge for an informal and relaxed look.

Typically, the wax is used to seal the flap of an envelope containing, for example, your save the date or invitation suite. However, this is only one of the many ways wax can be used to decorate stationery; some other favourites we see a lot now are, using it to seal together all the elements of a suite, via a belly band or ribbon, or to decorate individual place cards or escort cards.  Wax can be placed on any part of your paper, even on special printed elements like foil or hand-illustrated designs. 

We’re seeing a growing interest in interactive, tactile, and immersive features that indulge all senses. Elevating the guest experience of receiving a wedding invite means curating every detail: the way the stationery feels to touch, the way it smells, and the way the colours echo one another. At Ananya, we adore infusing our stationery with intricate and meaningful detail, whether it’s in the design, the textures, or the wording. 

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