Top tips on how to make a wedding to remember

A memorable wedding day is of course always about seeing a stunning bride and groom tie the knot - but make sure you pay attention to the small details when you’re planning a wedding! It’s the small intricate details that will leave a lasting impression with your guests and leave them with a wedding to remember that they will smile about the day for years to come!


The top tips for making a wedding to remember


Small personal touches really go a long way with your guests. Making sure every detail ties into your theme really shows you have thought about everything.


So, you have your venue booked, the dress of your dreams, your bridesmaids (or groomsmen) are finally happy with their outfits and the cake, flowers and Buttonholes are ordered. Your almost done right? Wrong! What about the drink’s menu?Man working bar at wedding to remember


This is an oversight for so many people and can really make a difference to your big day. Imagine, a personalised cocktail menu that fits your theme perfectly. Somewhere your guests can be wowed by Mixologists whilst socialising over delicious cocktails.


If you want to go one step further and make sure your guests feel the love as much you and your newlywed, give them something that will make a lasting impression. We once worked with a wedding couple who gave their guests the option to purchase cocktails with a gift. But this wasn’t just any gift. This was a cocktail with a gorgeous Tiffany bracelet secured around the stem of the glass. There is nothing like a room full of Tiffany Cocktails.


Talk about making a wedding to remember that will keep your guests talking, whilst leaving them with a piece of your wedding that they’ll treasure forever!


Natalie Skinner, founder of Elsie Road - Elsie Road is a beautifully converted teardrop caravan bar. Their resident Molecular Mixologists love creating visionary spectacles that engage and excite guests at your events.

June 21, 2019

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