How to budget your wedding glam for your big day

Couples want to look their absolute best when it comes to tying the knot, not only for the photos which they will be looking at for years to come, but also to feel confident and good about themselves on the day.

Couples want to look their absolute best when it comes to tying the knot, not only for the photos which they will be looking at for years to come, but also to feel confident and good about themselves on the day.
However, from makeup to skincare treatments, this often comes with a large price tag. 
Fragrance Direct have spoken with Wedding Planner, Hannah Rose, in order to understand who and what needs to be accounted for within your wedding glam budget alongside an interactive calculator that will allow you to tot up these costs, including the cost of treatments for your entire wedding party.

1. Would you say that to your knowledge, when it comes to footing the glam bill the bride and groom pay for the glam of just themselves or for everyone?

Bridal hair for wedding glamDefinitely for everyone, if they have asked for people to be a part of their day, majority of the time this will fall under the couple to pay as part of their wedding budget, as it may put their friends/family off being a Bridesmaid/Groomsmen etc when their bill starts to grow! Some Bridesmaids, Groomsmen etc may be happy to foot the bill but it is always encouraged that the couple plan this in their budget and offer to pay for the basics such as hair and makeup if they want them to have it done. This really does vary in cost depending on Hair and Makeup artist, but I would say to budget a minimum of £150 - £200 pp for hair and makeup for anyone who isn't the Bride/Groom.


2. Is it normal for bridal hair / makeup artists to only agree to the wedding day appointment if hair/makeup also includes bridesmaids to make their time worthwhile? (for example, my sister’s hair and makeup artist that she's booked for her wedding next year have both said they need to do the bride +3 to make the appointment worth their while)


This is really depending on when you are getting married, if for example it is a Saturday in August, then yes as it needs to be worth their time travelling to you. You will find some HMUA offer Bride only packages but these will be a similar cost as adding on your wedding party so you may as well have theirs done too! Most work on a package basis, ie. Bride + 3 Bridesmaids. It does differ on week days and off season months so you may find you can do this if you are out of season. If you don't have Bridesmaids, get your mums involved, it's nice to be pampered together!


Bridal makeup3. If bridesmaids / mother of the bride etc are included in the hair and makeup appointments, do they normally cover the costs themselves?

This is generally covered by the couple for the Bridesmaids as they have asked them to be a part of their day, to wear the dress they want them to wear etc, especially if you want them all with the same hairstyle. For mums, they tend to arrange and pay for their own, but as I said above, if you are looking for a way to get them involved in your day, this does work nicely to have them with you and have their hair and makeup done with you. This is also dependent on the Bride's relationship with her mother/MOG


4. To your knowledge, how far in advance to brides start to think about wedding glam? Or do they leave it to the last minute!

This is one of things you tend to look at further down the line, after the photographer, stylist, florist, catering, etc, but I would generally say half way through planning, so on average, 4 - 6 months before. You would even look at this after the dress hunt as you will have more of an idea of how you want your hair especially after you have found your dress, and you will want an idea of your hair style so you can find the right hair stylist for you, ie. if you want hair up, someone who specialises in hair up, or someone who specialises in hollywood waves.

Feeling fabulous on your big day is worth budgeting for, but do you know just how much your glam is going to cost with the additional guests make up and hair added?

Try out the calculator to find out.

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February 10, 2022

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