Wedding Hair Trends for 2018

For brides-to-be choosing your dream wedding dress is always regarded as the ultimate, agonising choice, but deciding how to wear your wedding hair for your big day definitely comes close second. 

In a bid to offer some guidance and advice, the hair and beauty specialists at online retailer have compiled a list of five wedding hair trends that are expected to be popular amongst brides in 2018. 

Choosing anything to do with your big day is a huge decision that requires careful thought and deliberation, but anything concerning the bride and groom’s appearance often takes precedence over everything else. 

wedding hair being blow dryedWhen you’ve found your dream location, decided upon your menus and picked the all-important wedding dress, the next logical step is to decide upon an accompanying hair style that will be flattering and complement the rest of your ensemble. 

A spokesperson for commented: “Deciding how to tame your mane on one of the most important days of your life isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, and it can actually be a bit intimidating when you look at all the many, many options available.

“To try and make things a bit easier, we’ve done some research and compiled a list of the five top hair trends that should be popular this year – and some of them might be surprising.

“Crimps and casual low ponytails might not be the obvious choice for brides, but if done right they can make a gorgeous, understated look.”



Ribbons and bows were one of the biggest trends storming the AW17 and SS18 runways. Simply decorate a soft, relaxed hairstyle with a coloured ribbon to either match or contrast your dress and wedding decorations – whatever you prefer. 


Casual ponytail

Forget lavish buns and swanky hairstyles. Instead, why not make 2018 the year brides across the country ditch the complex up-dos and instead opt for a simple and statement ponytail? You could even add some hair extensions for additional length.



Braids are adaptable, timeless and can look extremely pretty and romantic. Whether it’s a loose, side swept fishtail braid or a more structured up-do with layered braids and face-framing tendrils, this classic look won’t look amiss at your 2018 wedding. 


Flower crownFlower crowns

No, this isn’t referring to the cheap and plastic flower crowns adorned by festival-goers across the globe every summer, but in fact an ornate, bespoke flower crown that will likely use real flowers and foliage. This is the perfect option for outdoorsy brides and those who love nature, or if you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding. 



Fulfil your ultimate childhood dream by crimping your hair for your big day. Keep it simple with a loose, tousled look or use individual crimped strands of hair to adorn a fancy up-do.

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