5 skincare treatments before your big day


You've spent months preparing for your big day. The venue is booked, the flowers are ordered, the dress has been delivered and the guest list has been finalised. Don't forget about the most important person though, you! We have consulted with our expert plastic surgeon Dr Kenneth Kok at Skin & Follicle and have come up with these top 5 tips you should be following to look your best on the day.

 1.          Moisturise

2.          Sun protection

3.          Chemical peel

4.          Anti wrinkle injections

5.          Sleep


How to use Wow How app to create your perfect bridal look


WOWHOW- the app that shows and teaches you “bridal “makeup styles based on your facial features.

WOWHOW is a handbag & home essential for all women and empowers you to make the most of your facial features and skin type providing a simple step by step guide to creating bridal looks tailored perfectly to you.

Experiment with different bridal looks in virtual reality.

The app is easy to use, with easy to follow instructions where by you create a 3D mannequin built to mirror your own facial features and skin type so that you can see exactly how to apply each item of makeup to best effect.

Aloe Vera - the essential ingredient for the wellbeing of brides to be


Your wedding day is, of course, a day to look and feel your best, yet the stress of planning the big day can cause unwanted symptoms – from breakouts to low energy.

Nutritionist Libby Limon has uncovered the secret to soothing your body from the inside out, ensuring every bride is glowing on her wedding day, and it’s simpler than you think – Aloe Vera!

“Aloe Vera is complex in nature, containing over 200 biologically active ingredients, and these ingredients work together to aid your wellbeing. From glowing skin to a healthy digestion and blood sugar balancing properties – it has far reaching health benefits.

Top tips on how to make your wedding day sparkle


As we approach the peak of wedding season, professional glitter make-up artists from Wish Upon a Sparkle, use their 12 years’ industry experience adding glitz and glamour to weddings provide top tips on how to add a unique twist to the big day with a touch of sparkle. 

Hen Party 

If we’re honest, learner plates, an inflatable ‘husband-to-be’ and pole dancing classes have all been done to death. But thinking of new ideas can often feel like an impossible task. To make any occasion sparkle like no other, try adult face painting classes to give the extra sparkle that will make your night truly memorable and the pictures look great! 

Glitter isn’t only for girls 

‘Good Enough to Eat’ Chocolate Spa Package at K West Hotel & Spa

Chocolate Spa

It’s scientific fact that chocolate is good for our health, and for some people, a decadent hot chocolate or indulgent pudding is enough to satisfy the chocolate cravings. However, for those who want to take their cocoa-affair to the next level, K West Hotel & Spa offers the ‘Good Enough To Eat’ package at K Spa: a full afternoon of chocolatey indulgence. 


Not even Willy Wonka could resist!


Pre-Wedding skincare prep Emma’s top ten tips


Inner-Soul is all about boosting inner confidence through treatment of the skin holistically to nourish, balance and enhance.

Inner-Soul’s Founder Emma Coleman is a qualified Aesthetic Nurse, Clinical Aromatherapist and Skin Nutritionist and offers clients a comprehensive range of bespoke skincare treatments and solutions through a combination of science and nature with natural & organic skincare, facials, rejuvenating treatments and aesthetic injectables.


World Chocolate Day with Just My Look

eye make up

If you’re desperate to embrace World Chocolate Day but can’t bring yourself to break your wedding diet until the honeymoon, Just My Look have a great range of chocolatey treats to help make you look and feel amazing on your big day!


As all brides know, great makeup is key to feeling confident as you walk down the aisle so if you’re opting for an understated, sophisticated look that is sure to grab everyone’s attention then a neutral, chocolatey eye colour is always the way forward.


W7 Cosmetics have a great range of natural, earthy tones perfect for a classic bride-to-be:


Smother yourself in Chocolate… wax!


Looking and feeling good have become hugely important in our lives, and are a top priority in the lead up to a wedding - so why not do both in real style on World Chocolate day (Friday 7th July)? Strip is known for a particularly indulgent and unusual chocolate treat: their chocolate-scented wax - so if you're undergoing the fate of waxing, whether it's your legs, underarms or somewhere a little more intimate, you may as well do it smothered in something you love! They also have chocolate themed rooms at each of their 6 locations (Soho, Chelsea, Notting Hill, One New Change, Islington and Loughton) so you can really immerse yourself in luxury.


Getting Married this Summer?

Bare Biology

Jump Start your Bridal Beauty Routine 


You have been preparing for your special moment for months, determined to look your best on your wedding day this summer. From eating healthier, drinking plenty and working out harder, to moisturising deeper and experimenting with makeup trials for the perfect look; when it comes to bridal beauty nothing short of perfect will do.  As the warm weather can affect the condition of your skin and hair, it is crucial to adapt your beauty regime to prevent dryness and damage; here are three reasons why Lion Heart by Bare Biology should be your 2017 bridal beauty bag essential.


What tips do you have for brides who want to do their own make-up for their big day?


It's imperative to get your skin glowing for the big day well in advance. It's not all about the makeup, preparation is key. Drinking lots of water, eating healthily and having facials way in advance are the golden key as you approach your wedding day.

Make sure you drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin from within. Book a course of facials in advance but be aware, facials can bring out  the impurities  in your     skin causing spots/pimples or blemishes as it rids itself of toxins and unwanted impurities that's why it's imperative to have a facial at least once a month in the run up to your wedding day. Treat yourself  to your last facial at least a week before your big day and prior to a spray tan.

Skin care ingredients you never knew you need



With so many ingredients and products available to us to go get our skin ready for the big day, it can be a little confusing working out what we should be using in our beauty regime for that flawless, bridal glowing complexion. Fear not, we’ve done the hard work for you, with some tips and advice on key ingredients to look out for and effective skin perfecting treatments that will give real results before your wedding day. 

Bright Haired Brides

Bright Haired Brides

Do you want to make sure all eyes are on you on your wedding day? Crazy Color’s range of 27 semi-permanent hair colours range from bright bold shades to pretty pastels for those quirky brides who like to stand out in the crowd and make their hair colour their best accessory!


Whether you’re a Rock N Roll type bride and want to opt for a bright red or blue shade or are a love all things pastel kind of girl and want to go for something a bit subtler such as a coral or mint green, Crazy Color has a shade that will suit you!


Making the most out of your wedding makeup trial by Make Up Artist, Beauty Blogger and Founder of Blush + Blow Bridget O’Keeffe

Making the most out of your wedding makeup trial by Make Up Artist, Beauty Blogger and Founder of Blush + Blow Bridget O’Keeffe


1. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep! No matter how good your makeup artist is, they won’t be able to get rid of bags under your eyes. 

2. If you plan on having a spray tan for your wedding day, trial that a day or two before your trial too. The tone of your skin will impact the colours your artist will use on your eyes, lips and cheeks. 

3. Wear white! Just as your skin tone effects the way colour sits with your hair and eyes, as does the colour you are wearing. You will get a much more accurate idea of what your makeup will look like on the actual day if you wear the same colour as your dress to the trial.