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Vows and Venues editor Victoria Galligan put products from Delfy through their paces on a long, hot day involving food, drink and some serious socialising – would they crack under the pressure or prove to be the super troupers your wedding make-up bag needs?

If you’re looking for wedding make-up there will be many boxes which the products must tick before they make it into your bridal cosmetic kit. I looked for long-lasting, natural-looking and good-quality products for my wedding many moons ago, and brides today are still demanding cosmetics which they can have confidence in.

Delfy Cosmetics is a relatively new brand to the UK – the Spanish range was launched here in 2018 by founder Miriam Meskheli, and the focus is on trend-led premium products. I was given a foundation and lipstick to check out, and see whether they would make the grade for a wedding day.

Wedding make-up workout Delfy - wedding make-up in my bathroom

The Delfy Water Proof Foundation (£24.10) had no easy task – bear in mind I’m pushing 40 and tested this make-up on a hot, muggy summer’s day in central London. If foundation ever had a tough day at the office, this was it.

The first thing I noticed about the foundation was that the packaging is of extremely good quality. The foundation bottle comes in a perfectly-fitting box and the lid covers two-thirds of the bottle. The slick design tells you that time and money has been spent on the development of the product, but this does not necessarily mean the foundation is any better than my usual mid-range offering from the high street. 

So, trying not to be blinded by style, I applied the foundation which was a good match for my light-mid tone skin – the Delfy foundation comes in seven shades from Natural 10 to Cappuccino. 

The foundation went on smoothly and was easily blended into my face. It settled nicely on my skin – I hadn’t used a primer or even moisturiser as the day was so muggy, I felt another layer was the last thing my skin needed. 

The coverage was great – so good in fact that I felt I didn’t even need the usual under-eye concealer and even highlighter which I would normally wear on a night out. So after a quick application of mascara, blusher and eyebrow pencil, I was good to go.

Despite spending a good hour on the Tube, which was perhaps the hottest place on Earth that night, the foundation survived well. It didn’t budge – even the food and drink quaffed through the evening, several stops to mop my perspiring from and a light rain shower on the way back from the tube station didn’t do a lot to shift it. Normally my skin can be quite dry and cheaper foundation can highlight this or settle in the creases of my ever-ageing face – but neither of these issues occurred. Impressive.

Another one of the qualities promoted by Delfy is that the foundation won’t stain clothes – which will mean your wedding dress and towels are safe from being marred by those dreaded orange streaks. 

Delfy - wedding make-up on my facePout and about

The Melange Lipstick (£16.40) is also a product designed to impress – its colourfully patterned box and cuboid black matt packaging doing its best to show me that this was a stylish lippy worthy of my use. The marbled effect of the lipstick is also pretty impressive – swirls of white and cerise make up shade number 10 while plum, red and dark burgundy shades are also available. 

The swirl effect is really interesting as the two colours mix during application – I was half expecting a tiger-stripe effect on my lips but this didn’t happen, thankfully! The first time I applied, I noticed my lips were quite dry underneath which affected the finish. So the second time I used a base of good old Vaseline before application, which worked a treat. My lips felt smooth, nourished and comfortable – and I didn’t feel the need to keep checking to see if it was all over my teeth!

The bright hue of the lipstick was really striking and perfectly complemented my monochrome outfit, making my pout really stand out – ideal for brides who like to be the centre of attention.

I did reapply a couple of times in the night due to said food and drink intake but again, the product held well despite its tough environment. 

Cosmetics shopping spree 

Overall, quality, coverage and the ability to last throughout a long and busy day is what brides want from their wedding make-up – and Delfy products really do deliver. They can be found online at the Delfy shop and free delivery is available if you spend over 60 Euros. If you’re struggling to reach that amount there are plenty of eyeshadows, nail colours, gift boxes, bath products etc to treat yourself or your bridesmaids to! You won’t be disappointed.

See to buy your Delfy wedding make-up.

August 15, 2019

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