What to avoid when choosing the right wedding caterer

Karen Bird, Business Manager at Catering24 shares the five mistakes to avoid when choosing the right wedding caterer.

There’s so much to decide when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. Up there with the venue and which aunties and cousins to invite, choosing the right caterer is often high on the list.

Today there are so many additional thinking points which add to your decision. With the current trend of sustainability, often we are now trying to find a caterer which provides 100% recyclable cups, biodegradable cutlery and straws. Diets are changing too, and often we find ourselves trying to cater for variations of diets, such as vegan friendly and gluten free food. These considerations can be difficult, but getting this one thing right can make a huge difference to your day.

Despite this, we often see people making the same mistakes time and time again. To help you avoid making these errors, let’s take a look at the top five mistakes that are made when selecting the right catering services, and some top tips on how to avoid them!


Choosing the Wedding caterer5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a wedding caterer


Mistake one: rushing into a decision

A lot of people leave the catering to the last minute, and therefore end up making a panicked decision. Not only do we not perform our best decision making process when under pressure, we’re also likely to rush into something that isn’t necessarily the best option for you.

Don’t be pressured into thinking that caterers will get booked up fast and that you’ll have to jump on a decision immediately. Take as many weeks as you need, process things slowly, plan ahead and this leads us onto our next point - take the time to do your research.


Mistake two: failing to do your research

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do adequate research when it comes to finding the right caterer. This doesn’t just include shopping around and looking at a few different brochures; unsurprisingly the best place for information is often through looking online.

Make sure you use traditional search engines as well as social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to see the available options and most importantly, peoples’ opinions. Reviews are one of the most powerful tools you can use when making the decision, as you get an honest overview and unbiased straight from the horse's mouth.


Mistake three: not taking advice

When planning something like a wedding, it feels like everyone has an opinion. However, your friends and family have your best interests at heart, plus they know you best - so don’t disregard everything they are saying. Listen and process all their advice, and then take it away to make your own independent decision.


Food at weddingMistake four: failing to ask the experts for recommendations

Similarly, your venue will have a lot of connections for caterers. Venues are working all the time alongside catering companies, and have seen the best and worst. They will also have favourite suppliers, who they know work really well within their space. Before making any decisions, speak to them about their facilities and see what advice they have to offer about their service.


Mistake five: not trusting yourself

You should feel confident in your decision, so you should listen to your instincts if something does, or doesn’t feel right. Ultimately your caterer will play a huge part in your special day, so trust yourself and your decisions.


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