Autumn Is The Time For Skin Recovery

After months of sun and saltwater, skin needs time to recover. Autumn is the time for transition, and the best Autumn skincare routines will help to correct any summer damage that’s occurred and help you get back into your daily skincare routine. Enter centre stage, the new Sudocrem Skin Recovery Cream.

Using a combination of soothing & moisturising ingredients from beeswax to lanolin, Sudocrem’s new Skin Recovery Cream helps skin to look fabulous and healthy every day. Apply in the evening before bed, to help soothe and restore the skin and to help treat break- outs and spots. So, in the morning, you can rise and shine! It’s simple, it’s effective and most importantly, at £5.99, it’s affordable. Sudocrem Skin Recovery Cream is 2018’s must-have beauty skincare product.

“Cold weather and central heating can wreak havoc on the skin during winter, causing it to become dry and irritated. The key to healthy winter skin lies with hydration.” Says, Dr Vikram Rajkomar, a highly-experienced Consultant Adult & Paediatric Dermatologist at Pall Mall Medical. “Sleep also helps fight the signs of premature ageing by allowing the skin to replenish and repair itself overnight. You can give your skin a helping hand by applying a rich moisturising cream before bed for a brighter and healthier complexion”.

skin recovery

November 5, 2018

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