Personalised Bridal Diamond Engagement Service

64Facets combines delicate creativity with multigenerational craft to perfectly encapsulate the wants and needs of today’s modern woman. They do so by transforming beautiful, sustainably sourced rough diamonds into versatile, honestly priced pieces of jewellery, and their unique, personalised Engagement Ring Design Serviceis the perfect addition to any proposal. 
“The same way every relationship is unique, so is every diamond. What works for one couple may not be ideal for another -- which is why by working together with our clients we can make sure their engagement ring is customised to their preferences”.Founder Gourav Soni comments. 

Led by Gourav, the 64Facets family of talented diamantaires and craftsmen, whose expertise spans multiple generations, has perfected the art of cutting and polishing diamonds, and crafting fine jewellery for every occasion. Each one is hand cut to fully realize its unique beauty, entrapping the beholders vision for decades to come. 
“Shopping for an engagement ring can seem very daunting --especially if it's’ the first time you are shopping for diamonds” Gourav comments. “Which is why we begin the bridal process with a free consultation, so we can walk through and assess what the most important factors are for our clients before we make a first selection of diamond options.”

“Once the client has chosen a diamond, they then need to decide what kind of setting they would like - which is all down to the individual’s taste. At 64Facets we will always strive to create the exact Personalised Bridal Diamond Engagement Servicedesign that the client would like, while keeping the setting as delicate and fine as possible.”

Gourav understands that a little education can go a long way when it comes to purchasing an investment diamond, so always walks his clients through the 4C’s so they can have control every step of the process.
Carats: the term carats refers to the weight of the diamond, and not its size, which a lot of people don’t realise.  Diamonds are actually very light; 1 gram = 6 carats. Choosing the right size of a diamond is a personal decision based on the look you and your future bride are striving for. 

Color: this actually refers to the lack of color. The less color, the higher the grade. Color grades vary from D-Z. Color differences (especially between D-H) are very subtle as to be nearly invisible to the human eye -- however they make a big difference in diamond value and price. 

Clarity: this refers to how clear the diamond appears and is an assessment of small blemishes and inclusions. Clarity grades vary from F (Flawless, meaning the diamond has no blemishes and/or inclusions) to I3 (Included, meaning inclusions are obvious and may affect transparency and brilliance). 

Cut: this refers to the way the diamond is cut, which has a big impact on the diamond’s sparkle and the way it unleashes light. It is not the same thing as shape (round, cushion, pear, etc). Some cuts, such as the brilliant cut, maximize the diamonds brilliant sparkle (the light is unleashed outwards), while others, such as the rose cut diamond, offer the possibility to see the inside of the diamond and hold some of the light (the light glows from within the diamond). The key is to assess each rough diamond and then cut it in the best way to optimize its beauty and light. 

“At 64Facets, we are fans of Old European and Old Mine cut diamonds for engagement rings, as they are not quite as deep and they sparkle brightly, while still allowing to see inside the diamond and admire it’s interior glow.”States Gourav “we also mostly cut in the cushion shape, as these are traditional yet with a modern twist and offers a very unique glow that we have fallen in love with and know your bride will too.” 

“In the end every ring is totally unique. All diamonds can be beautiful and there is a different diamond for each kind of person.” 

Customers can contact 64Facets bridal concierge team ( to enquire about their service. 


October 23, 2018

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