New Study Reveals Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends

In 2016 the average value of celebrity engagement rings in reached almost £1 million but have since dropped to £100,000, the results of a new report have shown.

The 2018 Celebrity Engagement Ring Audit, undertaken by diamond specialists 77 Diamonds, examined 170 celebrity engagements from 2016 to the present day to see what trends could be uncovered.

Key areas under consideration were the ring’s carat, colour, clarity, cut, metal, and style. The research also factored the net worths of the proposer and proposee, their professions and whether this was their first engagement or not.

Workplace Matchmaking

The survey showed that actors are most likely to find a partner in their own field, with 60% proposing to a fellow member of the Hollywood film industry. A popularity in workplace romances, perhaps?

Perhaps not, with the exception being athletes who, aside from Ronda Rousey and Travis Brownes, are the least compatible with each other as 21 celebrity athletes in the study got New Study Reveals Celebrity Engagement Ring Trendsengaged to someone in a different field. The most common partners for athletes were models and actors.

Money Can’t Buy You Love

Of the celebrities in the survey, not all had stayed together by mid-2018. Interestingly, for those whose engagements were a whirlwind romance, their average ring value was £1,357,311.

In comparison to those couples that are still together, their rings have an average value of £196,719. Money really can’t buy you love!

Holiday Romance

The majority of celebrities surveyed got engaged from December through to February, suggesting that the festive period is the most romantic time of year – either for the holidays or a warm-weather getaway. Autumn months, however, were the least popular time of year to propose, showing that even celebrities may be saving for Christmas shopping.

The proposal location of choice for most was their own country, showing that home truly is where the heart is. France was again the most popular choice for an overseas proposal as was athletes popping the question abroad.

Heavy Metal

Platinum has come back into favour as the metal of choice for a ring. The material was the most popular from 2013-2015, but 2016 saw white gold become the trend. The most durable, it seems that celebrities are after the practical choice for their ring.

Regarding cut, the cushion has come back into fashion in 2018 after a round cut had previously been the trend since 2015, though was still popular this year, coming third behind an oval cut diamond.

Carat and Value

Over the past three years, the average ring value and carat have reduced. The average price of a ring in 2018 was £34, 570, compared to £63,722 in 2016, showing that celebrities may be getting a bit more frugal.

The same goes for the carat in engagement rings, which have decreased since 2016, where there was an average of 4.3 in contrast to this year’s average of 3.1.

Selected Quotes from Tobias Kormind, director at 77 Diamonds:

“Many of the trends this year follow those of 2017. Platinum is the most popular metal for the ring again. It’s the most reliable and durable while providing a stunning finish to each ring. This metal has been popular for the last few years, and we expect to continue this way.

“The cushion cut is back in fashion after a surge in its popularity. The cushion is seen as the ‘it’ diamond, which explains the demand among celebrities for the stone. Its soft corners, greater light refraction and ‘crushed ice’ effect makes it a beautiful alternative to the round or princess cut. Also, providing a better value per carat increases its popularity.

“With the cushion cut being the most popular, that could have led to a lower carat. Intimacy and a discreet engagement may appear to be the current trend, and a smaller diamond allows for this rather than a larger carat.”

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