What To Do With Rain On Your Wedding Day

I always tell my clients that it is actually good luck for it to rain on their wedding day. However, this doesn’t always stop the wet weather from dampening their spirits! But, just like any good and reliable wedding supplier, I do all that I can to make sure that rain on your wedding day doesn’t cause undue distress. We all just have to go with it on the day but it is important to have a ‘Plan B’, especially if much of the wedding is due to take place outdoors. Most UK venues will provide an alternative if you are caught out by the weather. For example, have your drinks reception in a function room instead of on an outdoor terrace.

Here’s my experienced and expert tips which will help you to be prepared, whatever the weather.

Flowers for all seasons

It is impossible to know for sure whether it is likely to rain on your wedding day. It could pour down in July but be bright sunshine in October. It’s best to consider this when making decisions about your arrangements, no matter what time of year your big day is taking place. For example, think about what flowers will be in bloom even if the weather is unseasonable. This will ensure that they will be available and affordable even if they are in short supply that year.

What To Do With Rain On Your Wedding DayMake the most of it all

Make the most of the opportunities that rain on your wedding day provides. Check the forecast in the days before your big day. If it is scheduled to rain, use it to your advantage for your photos. Find a fun pair of wellies or some brightly coloured parasols or umbrellas for yourselves and your guests to complement your colour scheme and your floral arrangements. You could even dress up the umbrellas with some flowers from your bridal bouquet. The rain could also help to get some candid shots as you and/or your guests dash from cars to venues in the rain. Hopefully, this will create some fun photos which you can look back on and laugh.

Contingency plans

It may be that most of your suppliers have contingency plans for rain on your wedding day. For example, your photographer may have different lenses to make the most of their photos in inclement weather. When it comes to floral design, I don’t worry too much about the rain, unless I have elaborate arrangements outdoors. High heat is actually slightly more difficult to cope with when it comes to floral design as they tend to wilt in the warm weather. A touch of rain can refresh and water a display so it looks its best for the big moments.

But, the important thing to remember even amongst all of the madness of planning, is that if a couple truly love each other then it doesn’t matter what the weather brings. Just enjoy the moments throughout the day as they unfold. Quite literally, dance in the rain and enjoy a day which you will remember for the rest of your life.

What To Do With Rain On Your Wedding Day

By Paula Rooney, luxury floral designer.

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May 31, 2018

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