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For many people their wedding day is the biggest day of their lives together. Why not share your experience in Vows And Venues magazine. We’d love to hear from you...

In most cases planning the big day takes months if not years, with so much to think about, from setting the budget, choosing the venue, the dress, flowers, cake and the all important guest list...

It’s an incredibly special experience, gathering all the most important people in your lives together in one wonderful place to help you celebrate the start of your married lives together.

There are lots of ways to document this special day and countless personal mementos and keepsakes, to save for future reminiscences. Nowadays it is very common to have a video made of the day, often by a professional. Most couples will hire a photographer and create an album to keep forever. Quite often couples will leave disposable cameras on the tables, allowing guests to take impromptu photographs of the day’s highlights. If you have been married recently, no doubt this is all fresh in your mind!

Once the honeymoon is over and the confetti has settled, you’ve exhausted the possibilities of inviting any more people to look at your wedding album and life has returned to normal, you can feel just a little bit emotionally deflated.

If so, why not share your unique story with our readers? Everybody’s wedding story is different, including yours. Vows And Venues is a magazine aimed at couples who are in the process of planning their wedding, couples who would love to read your story to gain some insight into the highs – and lows of the big day.

Send us your experiences – with a few photographs – and if we decide to publish your story we’ll send you £100 in vouchers for the high street store of your choice. Don’t worry if your grammar’s rusty! Just send us the basic information with a few photographs, together with your contact details, and one of our journalists will be in touch to interview you and get your story and pictures into print.

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