Forget Everything You Know About Teeth Straightening

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Revamp your beauty and grooming regime by unlocking the secret to professional orthodontics at HOME at the click of a button

It’s no secret that the beauty industry in the UK is a booming business. In what has been dubbed the era of “selfie mania”, more and more people of all ages are seeking non-invasive ways to look and feel younger, fitter and happier.

With the secret to Keira Knightly, Zac Efron, Margo Robbie and Justin Bieber’s winning smiles lying in discreet aligners, it’s not surprising the oral cosmetic industry is catching on and rapidly evolving to respond to people’s increasing demands for “made for me” products and multi-functional, AI-enabled innovations. After all, it’s not just your eyes that are the gateway to your soul.

Straight Teeth Direct™ is taking the growing cosmetic dental industry by storm, reshaping everything we know about professional orthodontics. 

The innovator health technology company, is a next-generation teeth straightening service and platform which delivers premium aligners directly to your door. Straight Teeth Direct™ connects customers to leading orthodontists for professional teeth straightening, to ensure they have round-the-clock support and supervision as they achieve the perfect smile at home.Forget Everything You Know About Teeth Straightening

The visionary mHealth (mobile health) company isthe brainchild of experienced British dentist Dr Aalok Shukla, CEO and his wife Lucie Marchelot Shukla, Managing Director and fellow co-founder.

Dr Shukla, CEO and co-founder of Straight Teeth Direct said, “We know from research that customers continue to demand personalisation and customisation within the beauty sector. To service such demand, brands need to look beyond tools that provide a one-off diagnosis to those that offer ongoing analysis and innovations that work with them long term”.

“Whilst the “every six-month” check-up with your dentist still has a vital role, we are part of a new wave of digital health brands and experiences that aim to transform people’s lives by enabling access through technology to transform routines into high-end and accessible products and experiences. 

How does it work?

Straight Teeth Direct™ is a professional tele-monitored home orthodontic service. They don’t just ship aligners in the post, the whole treatment offers round-the-clock care which is supervised and monitored by expert orthodontists using advanced AIM technology (aligner intelligent monitoring) with % progress reviews every month so users know their smile is on track.

The next step of development is to utilise machine learning and artificial intelligence to program and track tooth movement even better. This will also allow prospect users to see a simulation of their new smile instantly on their phone before starting

Developed by a team of forward thinking and experienced dentists and dental technicians, the company offers the classic orthodontic procedure at home with a sophisticated app that customers use to make payments, share their dental records (x-rays and gum-scores copies), chat with their dentist and treatment coordinator and upload photos for their monthly aligner progress reviews.

Further advances in healthcare technology means Straight Teeth Direct™,offers a unique system of autonomous aligners for all mild and moderate cases, that can create space for Forget Everything You Know About Teeth Straighteningthe teeth without any dentist involvement, where attachments - enamel-coloured ridges on your teeth that click into traditional clear aligners- were previously needed or IPR.  (Interproximal Reduction– where the orthodontist files and reshapes the contact area between neighbouring teeth to correct crowding.)

What does it cost?

By cleverly tele-monitoring the tooth movement through the latest mobile technology the company is able to cut the cost by up to 70% compared with traditional in clinic options while using the highest quality aligners offering industry-leading guarantees.

The total price for a course is £1,350 or 1,500€including retainers and can be paid in manageable monthly instalments.  What's more Straight Teeth Direct™is the only aligner brand in the world to guarantee results or money back and guarantees even against lost or broken aligners.

“Cost is undoubtedly one of the most significant barriers for many people wanting to improve their smile.”  says MD Lucie M Shukla.

“Traditional orthodontics have come with a hefty price tag, pricing many people out before they’ve even really given it much thought. Advances in technology have enabled us to finally break this mould, allowing us to offer the same high quality patient care, just at home for 70% less.”

“Our vision is to democratise access to a beautiful smile, providing an affordable safe at-home solution using the latest technologies in healthcare.”

How long does the treatment take?

Straight Teeth Direct™ is the perfect solution for the time-starved amongst us.

No lengthy waits to get an appointment and no monthly visits to the dentist. Treatment can begin immediately at the click of a button.

The service takes on average between 5-9 months(50% - 70% shorter than metal braces).  As you change the custom-made aligners around every two weeks, so you start to notice results very quickly.

Is Straight Teeth Direct™ right for me?

Dr Shukla said " If you are aged 18 or over and have mild to moderate dental concerns our platform can help. Until you start an aligner based straightening procedure you don't Forget Everything You Know About Teeth Straighteningrealise how different it is. Digital orthodontics with aligners is completely different to manual metal bracket based braces. 

The programming of movements is all done on a computer and controlled by the 3D printed models which are used to make each aligner. The monthly appointments thus are shifted from manual tightening and adjustments to picking up the aligners and visually checking movement progress. This process was not efficient and modern mobile technologies provided the opportunity for innovation. Most people forget what they are told in a clinic so a clear written platform and experience increases trust with their online orthodontist.

At Straight Teeth Direct we have reimagined the entire straightening process to provide accurate e-consultations, 3D imaging and simulations as well as specific % based monthly updates. The goal is to use digital technology fully to create the most optimal experience possible at the lowest possible cost to help more people access the benefits of a beautiful smile.

Straight Teeth Direct™offers a full written report by an orthodontist covering all aspects of your case including specific considerations for your case and detailed video simulations plus unlimited questions with the orthodontist through their secure platform.

If you are interested in opening the door to a better smile and find out if you’re eligible for Straight Teeth Direct™ start with your FREE orthodontic e-consultation here:


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