Wedding Lighting Basics to Transforming your Reception

Wedding lighting is essential to transforming your reception into an enchanted fairytale. From stringing fairy lights and festoon lighting from the beams in your venue, to incorporating the wedding trend of gobo lights - you must consider all aspects. While Instagram and Pinterest provide drool-worth pictures of special days, Projected Image - leading suppliers of gobos in the UK and Europe - are sharing their tips to perfectly illuminating your big day.

First, you must understand the particular wedding light you desire and consider the costs. Festoon lights and, especially, outdoor hanging lights are experiencing significant popularity and are, relatively, budget-friendly.

Once you have the ideas for lighting, you can consider where you would like to place them. For example, would you like to highlight a specific area in your reception, such as the bar or food catering stalls? You could even look into pin spot lighting, which focuses on individual areas or items and almost works as a spotlight for the cake or top table, to further create a beautiful illusion.Wedding Lighting Basics to Transforming your Reception

Indoor and Outdoor Wedding

Always consider your venue when looking for indoor and outdoor lighting. We recommend visiting the location before the big day to gain an insight into what it will look like on the day of your wedding. There is a common misconception that lighting cannot be used outdoors. However, with proper preparation - outdoor lighting can only serve to enhance your theme. Natural light can significantly reduce the effect of outdoor lights, so it’s best to display them in shaded areas - a marquee, for example - or at night. Stringing lights between trees can also work well after dark and provide security and a welcoming atmosphere for guests, encouraging guests to relax.

Alternatively, if you are hosting your wedding reception indoors, we recommend you plan where you would like to illuminate. From there, you could consider the mood you would like to set, whether that be disco-style with spotlights or romantic, with soft, monogram lighting.

Match your Theme

Ensure your wedding lighting complements your theme. For more modern weddings, LED lights and neon signs (as seen on Instagram) are a brilliant option. Rustic wedding themes could opt for fairy lights and nature-inspired gobo lights to create an enchanted fairytale. Classic wedding receptions could opt for gilded lanterns and clusters of candles to amplify the romantic setting.

Gobo LightsWedding Lighting Basics to Transforming your Reception

Gobo lights are experiencing huge popularity in the UK, with only a quick search on Pinterest highlighting the trend. There are a range of options for gobo lighting - including monogram, displaying your wedding name and the date of your big day, to even custom gobos, enabling you to upload any design or pattern. You could even go so far as to enjoy your first dance under the stars (without having to go outside). Gobo lights project spectacular illusions onto any surface, such as the dance floor, walls or ceiling. Sign gobos are also a major attraction for weddings, allowing you to project the word ‘bar’ to guide your guests, or even arrows on the floor to help them move around the venue.

Wedding lighting plays a pivotal role in your big day and can ensure your wedding is unrivalled. 

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