Top tips to deliver a confident wedding speech

There is always so much excitement involved with planning weddings, to ensure that everyone has a wonderful day. It can also be a very stressful and anxious time for those who must deliver a wedding speech on the big day; where all eyes are on them and what they say.

This speech could be from the; Groom, Best Man or Woman, Father of the Bride, the Bride herself or other nominated persons.  

For many it could be the first time they have had to stand up and talk in front of other people, and be the sole focus of attention, at such an important event. 

It’s not surprising that anxiety levels can soar. The fear can literally cause a person to freeze or want to run away, making them suddenly feel they can barely talk at all and feeling the need to rush through the speech, so it can all be over!

So, how do you deliver a confident a speech, that you and all the wedding party will be proud of and pleased with? Confidence coach Andrea Barker can help you deliver your wedding speech Credit: #LILK

Top tips to help you deliver a confident wedding speech: 

•    10 – 15 minutes is the ideal length

•    Having notes on some cards is fine, (remember to number them) – bullet points are best so you can engage with the wedding party and be more natural – remember they don’t know your speech, if you miss a bit, they won’t know, they just want you to engage with them

•    Practice your speech in front of the mirror, in front of others, or video yourself so that the first time you do the speech isn’t on the day

•    Stand tall, aim your voice towards the back of the room, speak clearly and at a slow pace – insert some pauses, especially if there is some humour 

•    Inject some humour if you can – but keep it clean

•    Get guests to help you with some anecdotes for your speech. If they are involved it helps you feel supported, and you can get some brilliant content – the NO’s are ‘ex’ stories, or any content that could be risqué or embarrassing to your Bride and Groom. And remember there could be a variety of generations present so swearing is usually a No too.

•    Perhaps have a small drink, to give yourself a little courage before delivering the speech – but don't have too much: no one likes a drunk speaker

•    Remember to toast the Bride and Groom as Mr and Mrs

•    You may also be toasting Bridesmaids and In-laws, and reading messages from people who couldn’t make the day, depending on your role

•    Most of all be YOU, Smile, relax and enjoy 

Remember help is at hand if you are lacking in confidence and need support. 

If you need help to build your confidence before your wedding speech contact confidence coach Andrea Barker: 07973442056 or see the website.

Photo: #LILK

March 20, 2019

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