How to prepare your natural hair for your wedding day 

Janine Van Throo, founder of Just Natural Consulting and Sisay Cosmetics shares her tips on how to prepare your natural hair for your wedding day.

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best, if not the best day of your life. Some of us start planning this day from a very young age. We design the dress, decorate the venue, we even know who we will not be inviting to our future wedding. One thing we tend to forget, is to make the proper arrangements for our hair.  

Organising your wedding is considered a period of joy and happiness, However, all the arrangements, to-do’s and stress that comes with getting to that ‘ most beautiful day’ can cause havoc on your hair.  Some of us turn into real life monsters, just to eventually walk down the isle smiling like an angel straight from heaven. 

To be sure that once that day is over you do not look at the pictures and think ‘Why did no one tell me how bad my hair looked’?


Janine Van Throo tips on how to prepare your natural hair for your wedding hairHere are some tips to prepare your natural hair for your wedding day:


Make sure that at least 6 months before Big Day that you know what hair style you want. Get a trial hairdo at least once and at the latest 8 weeks prior to the wedding. Be sure to choose a hairstyle that can be kept during the whole ceremony and your reception. If your hair does not look the way you expected, you have plenty of time to look for alternatives. 


Start deep conditioning and using protein treatments every other week for at least 3 months before your wedding. Get your hair as healthy as you can to avoid having hair looking like straw on your wedding day. Test as many products as possible and keep score on how a certain product reacts to your hair. 


Are you lucky enough to still have a year before your big day? This would be a good time to start strengthening your hair from the inside. Give your body the nutrition it needs to make healthy hair. Grow your hair, healthy and strong! Keep in mind that your hair can react to external factors such as humidity, heat, cold and even your mood.


All of these tips will help to ensure your hair is in perfect condition for walking down the aisle. 


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ABOUT Janine Van Throo​​

Janine Van Throo, founder of Just Natural Consulting and Sisay Cosmetics, is an award winning author, international speaker, natural hair therapist and product formulator. With over 15 years of experience, Janine’s NISH hair care philosophy and certification programme specialises in afro and curly hair education; she trains hair therapists globally on how to cater for natural hair. She also produces natural and organic hair and skin care products.

May 22, 2019

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