Tips for the perfect wedding hair

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Charlotte Ricard-Quesada, founder of wedding planning company La Fete shares her tips for perfect wedding hair, so your locks are at their best for your big day.



On your wedding day, your hair is even more of an important feature than normal. The first step to take is actually looking at what you like, style wise. Is it an updo? Is it loose waves? Plaits? See what you are naturally drawn to and keep a Pinterest board or folder with your inspirations. Do also take your face shape and overall features into consideration to some extent: it’s certainly not an absolute rule but bear in mind that a style will look very different on a square jawline than on a heart shaped face.

Two girls with wedding hairWhat’s your dress like? 

The style of dress you have chosen will influence your hairstyle choice more than you might think. If you have a bustier top, wearing your hair down or partially down will frame your shoulders beautifully (if you have longer locks); whereas hair up will suit a halter neck or a strap/sleeve style. Also bear volume in mind: if you have a large princess dress, maybe don’t go for huge hair as you could easily get lost in so much volume. The same goes for the opposite: a more streamlined gown pairs well with a bouncier, bigger hairstyle, either up or down.

What’s the weather like? 

Humidity. One word that can ruin your hair quicker than it takes to say it. Bear the climate in mind when picking your hair, especially in summer: you don’t want to end up with your locks sticking to your sweaty neck or frizzing up the minute you’re out of air con range. An updo is a safe option for warmer weather: you’ll be comfortable, and you’ll definitely find an updo to suit your style.


I’m a lover of accessories and do consider them as an elegant complement to your freshly styled hair. A few things to consider: will it work with the dress? Will it feel secure/comfortable enough to last all day? Can it be removed if need be without ruining your hairstyle? Does it work with a veil? From there, you can have fun trying on the millions of hair accessories available, from tiaras and jewelled combs, to lacy veils and flower crowns. Definitely try before you buy as you want to make sure that it fits your face, works with your dress and suits your personality.



Before my wedding, I never thought that I would ever subject my follicles to clip in extensions. Well, I did and I’m so glad I followed my hairstylist’s advice. I looked like me, but with more luxuriant hair, which was a godsend for my full, complicated updo. I kept them in all day and night and they were comfortable, easy to remove and seamless. Plus once you have them, you can keep them for all future events that you might need them for.


Wedding hair hair truly offers limitless options. Make sure to have a trial enough time beforehand so that you and your stylist can get acquainted and she/he can truly understand your vision. You might find that what you wanted isn’t right for you at all, but at least you have enough time to rectify it before your big day. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you still look like yourself and feel beautiful, no matter what style you choose to go for.

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