Have perfectly smooth hands for your wedding day

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Karen J. Gerrard Founder SEAMS Hand Cream talks to Vows and Venues about how you want to have perfectly smooth hands for your special day,

You will always remember your wedding day, the dress, the venue, the flowers but the feeling of that first touch of your husbands hand, will be implanted in your memory forever, and thats why you will want perfectly smooth hands. Hands have more sensory nerves than any other part of our body, which is why a pinprick, will feel so painful. Hands have the ability to transmit emotions from love to pain, special sensors called C tactile fibers convey touch information to a part of the brain called posterior insula that can pick up feelings and emotions through electrical signals. The human touch triggers the release of oxytocin aka “the love hormone in our brain, which is the most recognized form of touch.

Smooth hands seamsOn your wedding day, you will want your hands looking and feeling their best, from showing your ring, photographs, to holding hands, they will on show all day, and its during your vows at the heart of the ceremony as you look into each others eyes, and join in legal matrimony that you will hold hands and touch for the first time. The hands are said to be a connection to the heart no more so than at this moment. “Everyone saw you hold my hand but only I felt you steal my heart” is so true.


So you do need to make sure you have soft and smooth hands to touch! Here are my tips on how to do that -


MOISTURISE - Morning noon and night from at least a month before rough cracked hands feel sore and dry skin can catch on clothes. Moisturising regularly will keep hands soft, supple plump and slow down the loss of collagen and elastin so keeping away wrinkles. Especially moisturise at night to help heal whilst you sleep.


QUENCH YOUR THIRST – Being crazy busy with all the extra wedding plans on top what you already do, probably means you are forgetting to drink enough, But drink water even when you are not thirsty. (Maybe not just before you walk down the aisle!) When you dehydrate so does your skin, dehydration causes wrinkles and crinkly skin, which can lead to saggy skin. Slow down the ageing process hydrate from inside and out. Pinch the back of your hand if the skin goes back slowly you are dehydrated. Drink plenty of water the night before your wedding and first thing in the morning, not only for your hands but it also increases your energy levels.


Seams Hand CreamSEAL THE DEAL – Split cuticles can damage the new nail underneath and also age the appearance of your hands. Healthy cuticles, lead to healthy nails. Massage cream into your cuticles to seal, soften and enhance the appearance of your hands.


NAIL IT – Choose the colour of your nail polish with care, the wrong shade can make your hands look dull, hold the bottle to the top of your hand to match the skin colour either with a pink or yellow tone.


COVER UP -Wear gloves when washing up to protect from the drying effects of water and detergents, and when going outside in the cold to protect from the elements, then moisturise.


DON’T RUMMAGE – We are all guilty of rummaging in our handbags for our keys or whatever! But this breaks nails and scrapes skin. Open you bag fully and carefully find what you are looking for, choose a handbag with lots of pockets so you can keep keys and pens in set places.


STAY CONNECTED – On the lead up to the wedding you will probably spend hours on your phone or tablet, the heat from these devices dries out our fingertips and the repetitive movements can cause aches and pains. Also if your hands are very dry the touch screen becomes less sensitive. A few quick hand stretches with hand cream, will relieve tension, and heighten your sense of touch.


MASSAGE – As exciting as the lead up to your wedding is, it can also be stressful, we tend to hold all our tension in our hands, which can cause them to look older and feel uncomfortable. A quick massage will get the blood flowing, and so plumps up your hands and keep them looking younger. You could do this with your partner!


TOUCH UP - Keep hand cream with you all day, whenever you touch up your make-up and lipstick, give your hands a quick massage with hand cream to renew their energy and keep them soft.


SEAMS Hand Cream is full of natural ingredients - Shea Butter, Macadamia and Rosehip Oil, Beta-glucan, Vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 to mend, moisturise, soften and protect skin stengthen Nails – non-greasy it absorbs quickly so doesn’t transfer onto fabrics.


“The touch of the hand says the words from the heart”


Make beautiful memories


Karen J. Gerrard Founder SEAMS Hand Cream


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