How to look good on your honeymoon after a long-haul flight

We have spoken with Frida Harju-Westman, nutritionist at the global health app Lifesum and Sam Katterfield, online editor at the travel-search platform, HolidayPirates,  to get their top tips on how to look good on your honeymoon after a long-haul flight.


Frida's top tips to look good on your honeymoon

look good on your honeymoonStay hydrated

More than two thirds of our body is made up of water, and a lack of water can impair your attention span, give you a headache, and affect your mood, to name but a few effects. If you want to arrive refreshed and hydrated, with a bridal glow, then make sure that you consume enough water and avoid salty food and alcohol, before and during the flight.  


To keep on top of the water intake, there are apps that can help you. For example, the Lifesum app, which will send you reminders to make sure you’re getting enough H2O and will keep track of how much you’ve had.


Snack on pumpkin seeds

It is no secret that airplane food can often be unhealthy and quite bland. On a long-haul flight, you also often end up eating at times that your body is not used to, and this can sometimes cause discomfort and an unhealthy feeling. Bringing healthy snacks on-board that your stomach is used to, may help to ease discomfort.

Most types of nuts are easy to bring with you and a good and healthy option to bring on a flight, for example, pumpkin seeds contain high levels of vitamin E which helps to improve the skin tone, as well as vitamin A which helps to repair existing skin problems and generate the production of new skin cells. Not only this, but pumpkin seeds contain zinc and selenium, which help to protect your skin against environmental pollution and UV rays, whilst the essential fatty acids contained in the seeds, help to maintain the moisture levels of your skin.

Sam's top tips to look good on your honeymoon

honeymoon beachGet some shut-eye

While we are assuming that Meghan and Harry will be quite comfortable on their long-haul flight, we are familiar with the discomfort and neck pain that comes from trying to sleep on an airplane. There is not much we can do but try to recline your seat and make sure that you are comfortable with the light, noise, and temperature during the flight. Make sure you have a blanket, socks, ear plugs, and a sleeping mask handy at all time.


Take Melatonin Supplements

Consider buy melatonin supplements to take before bedtime in the new time zone for the first couple of nights, as this can significantly help the transition. Melatonin is the hormone that helps your body know when it is time to wake up and go to bed. The natural supplement has been encouraged to help conquer jetlag, and a little as 3 milligrams of melatonin a half hour before bed can make a big difference.


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