Dry your hair in minutes and save time for wedding planning: review

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Planning for your big day can take a lot of work, from the guest list to the dress. There are lots of things to remember and some days your going to be in a rush to get out the door for the next appointment and you don’t want to be spending those precious extra minutes to dry your hair.


Vows and Venues have been lucky enough to be able to try a new product to the market PowerDry.ME, that is said to cut the time it takes to dry your hair to half the time. I wondered whether it was too good to be true? 


Dry your hair with PowerDry.ME - review 

Dry your hair with PowerDry.MeI know all to well how long it can take to dry your hair, mine is naturally curly and extremely thick, that I wear straight most the time for ease. I dreaded washing and drying my hair as it could take over and hour to complete with the blow drying taking the longest. I had to dry in layers otherwise the underneath wouldn't dry. So when I was asked to try out this new product I jumped at the chance but was also quite skeptical, I'd tried products before that stated it would cut my blow drying time but had never lived up to expectations. 

The product itself is simple to use you spray it over towel dried hair before you blow dry, It smells lovely as well unlike some products that can sometimes smell a little of chemicals. Once on brush it through your hair and then begin blow drying as normal. I noticed the difference almost immediately the sections of hair I was drying were done in next to no time, and also they were drying a lot smoother than normal. The whole job took me no more that 15 minutes compared to the usual 30-40 minutes, I was amazed to say the least. My hair was not only dry in half the time it was so much smoother than when I blow dried with nothing on my hair, I didn't resemble a lion. This also meant that it cut the time it took to straighten my hair after blow drying, so I was able to put my feet up sooner than I expected, which is always welcome after a hard days work.

I have now been using PowerDry.Me for around 3 weeks every time I have to dry my hair and I have to say I wouldn't be without it, those extra free minutes make all the difference when you have a busy day. Once the bottle I have is finished I will be visiting  

www.sallybeauty.co.uk to purchase some more, and at only £9.95 a bottle it is a great buy.

I would definitely​ recommend Design.ME Hair Powder Dry Me. to all brides who need to claim back an extra few minutes for your wedding planning.

You can see more of the Design.Me products here or there's more information on PowerDry.Me here.

April 2, 2019

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