How to measure an accurate ring size

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Knowing how to measure your ring size can be one of the most problematic parts of buying a ring online, whether for you or for another. This is especially challenging if you are trying to keep the ring as a secret gift, – such as an engagement ring – because you can’t visit a jeweller in person.

Jewellers, William May, have created an easy to follow step-by-step guide which provides a foolproof method to measure an accurate ring size from the comfort of your own home, as well as discussing common ring size queries and other ring measurement considerations.accurate ring size

Step 1: Gather your materials - you will need a plain piece of paper, scissors, a ruler and a pen or pencil
Step 2: Cut the piece of paper into a strip, no wider than the band you are planning to purchase
Step 3: Place strip of paper underneath the relevant finger
Step 4: Wrap the paper strip around the circumference of your finger
Step 5: With a pen or pencil, mark on the strip of paper the points at which both pieces of paper overlap, forming a full circle
Step 6: Using a ruler, measure (in mm) the length between the two marked points on the strip of paper, and write down the length for reference
Step 7: Using the William May ring size chart, find your ring size based on the measurement  
Step 8: Now you know your ring size, you can browse and purchase online with peace of mind that you have accurate sizing information
Nick Withington, a spokesperson at William May added:
“Under current lockdown measures, people can no longer visit their local jeweller to get a ring measurement, which is what we would usually advise. Instead, our useful step-by-step guide is a suitable way for people to understand how to measure their ring size from the comfort of their homes. When it comes to other considerations to be aware of when measuring your ring size, it’s good to know that fingers are at their largest at the end of the day, and that alcohol and salt can also cause swelling in your fingers, so be careful not to measure if these are likely to still be in the system. You should also avoid measuring cold hands as it’s possible for fingers to shrink up to half a size when they are cold. If in doubt, buy a larger ring rather than a smaller one as it is easier to remove metal from a too-big ring than to add it to a too-small one”.

The full instructions and more handy tips can be viewed here:

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