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The Virtue collection by Veale Fine Jewellery showcases gems united by a magnificent force that keeps them forever connected, a truly special selection exuding elegance. These sparklers are the perfect pieces for any bride-to-be, to those looking to indulge in diamonds or surprise someone they love with a carat creation – the Virtue collection is luxury without the label.

We caught up with designer James Veale to find out the hottest trends in wedding jewellery for 2019…

What are the emerging trends for 2019?

The royal weddings of 2018 will have an impact on the tends on 2019. I've already seen trilogy engagement rings prove popular with engagement orders and I'm sure I'll see a few Padparadscha sapphires too! James Veale wedding jewellery – an engagement ring

For wedding rings half set diamond eternity rings will continue to prove popular along with personalisation, such as shaping the wedding ring to fit into the engagement ring, bringing them together in unison. This is something I do regularly for my clients, along with personal touches like matching the number of diamonds to the month, date of their wedding or number of years they have been together.  

What is Veale's best-selling design in terms of wedding jewellery?

My best-selling ladies ring is my Castle Set Half Eternity Ring, I often customise them slightly to match the engagement ring or make them follow the shape of the engagement ring. They are a classic, timeless design and let’s be honest, who doesn't love a little sparkle? (Even I couldn't resist some diamonds in my own wedding ring!) 

These rings also come with a hidden blue sapphire, so the brides-to-be have their something blue covered – that's one less thing to think about!

For men, my textured Palladium Ring often proves popular, as it's got a lovely subtle detail running around the band but nothing too flashy. Along with personalised cufflinks, these have been anything from models of their sports car or ski goggles, to simple engraved initials or special dates.

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