How to choose an engagement ring – follow our five easy steps

How to choose an engagement ring – follow five easy steps

Deciding to propose and therefore looking to buy an engagement ring is an exciting prospect but can also be daunting. Before you head out to buy the first ring that you see, you need to do your research; gain an insight by window shopping, learn what style your partner prefers and set a budget that works for you.

Fine jewellery, and in particular diamonds, have a close association with timeless love and romance. We know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to source a piece that perfectly meets your requirements, so we have put together an easy to follow plan for purchasing an engagement ring.

Will you pop the question this leap year?

2016 is a leap year which means, you guessed it, ladies all across the world have the opportunity to pop the question to their lucky other halves on February 29th.

And while in today’s society there is nothing out of the norm about a woman proposing, there are still plenty of excited brides-to-be who can’t wait to ask the ultimate question on a leap year.

As with many other time-honoured wedding traditions, the leap year proposal is steeped in history.

Should you buy the engagement ring before or after?

Image of engagement rings, should you buy the engagement ring before or after?

Firstly, Clogau is a rare Welsh gold brand, with actually the rarest gold in the world!

Also a piece of Clogau gold was gifted to the Royal family during Queen Victoria's reign so Clogau gold still remains in the Royal family with jewellery being made from this. Customers can design and build their very own engagement ring using Clogau's inshore app technology for their Compose engagement rings, seen below.

Sonia Menzes, Head of Brand Development at Clogau says: