Top bridal jewellery trends for 2019

Bridal jewellery - Leo with Love jewellery with geometric design

Leora Moreno, a bridal jewellery designer who set up Leo With Love, advises on the top bridal jewellery trends for 2019…

In 2019 we see brides moving away from the more traditional gowns of old and focusing on pieces of different colours, lengths and styles – capes made of tulle, slashes of skin on show or a plunging neckline are all to be seen on the most blushing of brides. With dresses becoming more extravagant, jewellery is also taken up a notch; more is definitely more in this case. There are three big things to focus on to create your perfect look…

Don’t tell the bride! Men need to do their homework

From the correct way to wear a wedding ring, to the tradition of the wedding breakfast, the results of a new Nuptial Knowledge quiz found that modern men still struggle with long established wedding traditions.

Produced by QHotels, who host hundreds of weddings each year, the Wedding IQ quiz pitted 500 men and women against each other  with the aim of finding out which sex knows more about getting married. The results show that 21st century men still have a lot to learn about weddings, with women storming to the lead.

Splurge on a Sapphire

splurge on a sapphire ring

Save up this month to splurge on a stunning sapphire ring next month. Perfect for September birthdays or engagements; celebrate a very special occasion with a gorgeous sapphire jewel from The London Victorian Ring Company. 

Let your personality sparkle and shine when wearing one of the world’s most desired gemstones. A sapphire represents loyalty and trust and is believed to protect those close to you from harm and evil.

How to choose an engagement ring – follow our five easy steps

How to choose an engagement ring – follow five easy steps

Deciding to propose and therefore looking to buy an engagement ring is an exciting prospect but can also be daunting. Before you head out to buy the first ring that you see, you need to do your research; gain an insight by window shopping, learn what style your partner prefers and set a budget that works for you.

Fine jewellery, and in particular diamonds, have a close association with timeless love and romance. We know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to source a piece that perfectly meets your requirements, so we have put together an easy to follow plan for purchasing an engagement ring.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring to Suit Your Engagement Ring

Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring to Suit Your Engagement Ring by The London Victorian Ring Company

The London Victorian Ring Company have put together their top tips for choosing the perfect wedding ring to suit your engagement ring. Make that special decision a thoughtful and memorable one. With over 125 years’ of experience in designing beautiful vintage style rings, the jewellery is handmade by expert UK craftsmen to exclusive designs from The London Victorian Ring Company.  

Match the Metals: Each precious metal ages in its own unique way over time. To keep your engagement ring and wedding ring looking their best together over the years, we recommend choosing the same metal for both rings. So if your engagement ring is in platinum, then select a platinum wedding ring.

Should you buy the engagement ring before or after?

Image of engagement rings, should you buy the engagement ring before or after?

Firstly, Clogau is a rare Welsh gold brand, with actually the rarest gold in the world!

Also a piece of Clogau gold was gifted to the Royal family during Queen Victoria's reign so Clogau gold still remains in the Royal family with jewellery being made from this. Customers can design and build their very own engagement ring using Clogau's inshore app technology for their Compose engagement rings, seen below.

Sonia Menzes, Head of Brand Development at Clogau says: