Sleep your way to a stress-free wedding

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Planning your wedding can be extremely stressful - and it’s no surprise, you’re juggling everything from flowers and photography to table planning, guest lists and everything in between. To manage your stress levels, as well as to ensure you’re looking and feeling your very best on the big day, it’s essential that you get enough rest, relaxation and sleep. All helping you to have a stress-free wedding while also boosting your energy levels overall, and ensuring that you’re skin is looking radiant and your eyes bright and sparkling!  


How to get the perfect nights sleep for your wedding night


Getting the perfect night sleep is essential for your beauty routine, here Hairburst give you all the tips you need to wake up flawless before the big day...

Sleep is essential for radiant and glowing skin, and many experts say that you need between six and eight hours to wake up feeling and looking refreshed. Overnight your skin is in ‘recovery mode’ which is when it has the time to repair and rejuvenate so having products such as Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow, £34.99, which support this process is an essential part of your beauty regime. Having a relaxing nightly routine will help you get the most of your slumber and here we show you how you can do this...

Listen up brides-to-be… Sleep expert reveals tips for best pre-wedding zzz’s

Being a bride is one of the most exciting and heartwarming days of a person’s life, from ‘will you marry me?’, to the run-up to the big day when the nerves kick in. Pre-wedding jitters may be stopping you from getting the full recommended eight hours, but as we know, beauty sleep is not a myth and no one wants tired eyes on such a big day.

Silentnight’s sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, says: “Getting married is such an important and significant time in someone’s life, but it can bring with it a level of stress, which consequently can lead to a lack of sleep”.

Bridal Beauty Prep Guide

Don’t let your pre-wedding beauty preparation leave you feeling stressed. Our top beauty tips will leave you glowing from head to toe and looking beautiful in time for your big day.


Be prepared! Book all beauty appointments well in advance. This will ensure you get a spot with your preferred hair dresser or beautician. There is nothing worse than being disappointed with a treatment, especially before your big day.