Sleep your way to a stress-free wedding

Planning your wedding can be extremely stressful - and it’s no surprise, you’re juggling everything from flowers and photography to table planning, guest lists and everything in between. To manage your stress levels, as well as to ensure you’re looking and feeling your very best on the big day, it’s essential that you get enough rest, relaxation and sleep. All helping you to have a stress-free wedding while also boosting your energy levels overall, and ensuring that you’re skin is looking radiant and your eyes bright and sparkling!  


A night of restful sleep will give you more mental clarity, physical energy and emotional stability - all of which are essential in the run up to your wedding to help you combat any planning anxiety. Many people don’t realise that we need energy to sleep, and a shortage of this can often cause insomnia or other sleep issues. Just like we need energy for moving, thinking and digesting food, we also need energy to help us to feel calm and peaceful. So what can you to do ensure you drop off into a deep slumber with ease? 


Stress-free wedding with Master Oh's energy treatmentsMaster Oh’s energy treatments have been enormously beneficial in helping people to overcome their sleep issues. His treatments focus on recharging the body with ‘human energy’- Qi, whilst opening the body’s energy channels to create a balanced flow of Qi. Qi is the invisible energy that creates and supports all life. It supports our organs and cells making our body function correctly. An energy treatment helps clear toxins and release emotional tension bringing the body back into balance, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and ready for bed.


When your energy system is open and the flow of Qi restored, you have enough energy for your brain to create the hormones needed for sleep, helping your body to switch off, relax and release any tension it's holding from the stresses and strains of everyday life.


Here are eight ways to help you get a better night’s sleep, resulting in a stress-free wedding:


Switch off all electronics at least one hour before bedtime. The blue light they emit activates your brain and is a signal for your body to wake up.

Lavender oil is a classic remedy for promoting sleep. Put a few drops into your bath or on your pillow to help relax your body and calm your nervous system.

Slow abdominal breathing is one of the best ways to calm your nervous system helping you to relax the body and quieten the mind.

Relax before going to bed by reading a book, having a warm bath or listening to quiet, calming music. 

Reduce your caffeine intake by stopping all caffeinated drinks after 4pm. 

Moderate exercise no less than three hours before bed is one of the best sleep medicines around. A vigorous workout could have the opposite effect, but light exercise will help relieve any tension which has built up over the day. 

Go to bed before 11pm so you can get at least eight hours sleep.

Receive an energy treatment from Master Oh. Master Oh is able to look at your inherited energy patterns - these patterns can play a significant role when it comes to sleep issues. Why not book a treatment and consultation with Master Oh to find out how these can be cleared.


Improve your sleep in the run up to your wedding with the power of Qi and a Master Oh energy treatment: and have a stress-free wedding.

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