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Top wedding saving tips

Claire Francis director of Savings and Investments

Are you currently planning a wedding or maybe your a guest saving to attend a wedding? According to recent research carried out by Barclays, "4 in 10 Brits regret their wedding day, with 36 per cent citing poor financial planning as the main reason for this".  That's why here at Vows and Venues we have spoken with Clare Francis, director of Savings and Investments for Barclays to get you the top wedding saving tips.


The rising cost of weddings

Rising cost of weddings

Rahib Bashar, business development manager from Deko talks about the rising cost of weddings and the financial options available to support your big day.

When it comes to tying the knot, the Office for National Statistics says that over 200,000 Brits say ‘I do’ each year. However, it has become a costly affair and more than half of us regret spending so much on our special day. This is unsurprising, with the average cost of a wedding now being over £25,000 according to – to some this could be a deposit on a small house!

Rising cost of weddingsThe ring