Tips for achieving wedding dress and underwear success

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Nicola Rodney-Crook is the managing director of online lingerie retailer, Bras and Honey. With nine years’ experience in the lingerie industry, Nicola is a firm believer that well fitted lingerie not only helps with posture, but can also make women feel more confident. Here, Nicola explains how the right underwear creates the ultimate shape and silhouette and why this is so important when choosing the perfect wedding dress.

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“A lot of brides-to-be have an idea of their perfect dress style long before they buy the actual gown. Whilst this is expected, it’s surprising how many fail to consider underwear at the same time. Dress styles vary, as do underwear options, so it’s important to ensure each bride is comfortable with both before paying that deposit. A great tip is to take bridal lingerie along when shopping for the dress as it will help brides to appreciate which styles truly flatters their figure and the retailer will be able to alter the dress perfectly for their shape.

“More and more brides are choosing a backless dress for their wedding and this can pose a problem when it comes to finding the right bra. Brides with a ‘D’ cup or above should be mindful when it comes to backless dresses as it may mean compromising on the support and comfort that a good bra can offer on the big day. For those brides choosing a strapless wedding dress and blessed with a bigger bust, I always recommend the ‘Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Lace Bra’ in ivory. This has been a best seller for Bras and Honey for many years and can comfortably support cup sizes up to a FF without the hassle of constant re-adjustment. Ladies may find they have to go down a cup size and up a back size with this particular style to ensure the perfect fit. For brides looking for something a little more risqué, I recommend the ‘Freya Deco Darling Suspenders’ in ivory from Bras and Honey – a classy and sexy choice.”

Deco Darling Suspender

Nicola’s top three tips for brides to consider before choosing the perfect wedding dress:

  1. Always buy the underwear first

“This will ensure your body looks shapely and your bust is supported before trying on various different styles of dress. You need to ensure the lingerie is comfortable, well fitted and stylish ahead of the big day.”

  1. Ask for expert help

“Choosing the right underwear is an important part of finding the prefect wedding dress. A lingerie expert will be able to talk about the various options that are available. From strapless bras, halter neck support and multiway straps, to hold ups, suspenders and briefs, there are plenty of options to consider. Make sure you are comfortable in the choice you make as you will be wearing it for a full day and evening. Ultimately, pick what is right for you and your gown.”

  1. Choose good quality items

“Better quality lingerie will offer greater support, feel more luxurious and last longer than less expensive items. Wearing beautiful quality lingerie will also make ladies feel sophisticated and elegant which is how every woman should feel on their wedding day.”

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