Top 5 unique wedding cars

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A wedding is a special event that you’ll remember for years to come, but it takes a lot of effort to overshadow it with just your wedding cars! For every reasonable, fancy car, there’s something more downright insane waiting just around the corner that you could turn into a bizarre – yet memorable – choice of transport.


Top five unique wedding cars

Unique wedding carsA VW Microbus

Everybody knows the classic “hippie van” that’s ingrained into pop culture – they’re hard to find, but if you can pick one up from a car leasing service, it would certainly leave an impression on the guests. Plus, it’s carefree atmosphere and smooth, rounded shape make it stand out among the other cars parked around it, and the extra space means you can easily carry gifts or other passengers with you if you need to make a hasty exit. It’s also a nice throwback to a simpler time, one that many of your guests may appreciate.

An Actual Bus

Even harder to find are the classic old British buses, which are not only difficult to drive, but also very limited in number. However, if you can track one down, you can create an overwhelmingly British footnote in your wedding that won’t be forgotten any time soon. You could even take all of your guests with you if you’re planning on meeting up for a meal anywhere after the wedding, and its size makes it easy to hang banners or decoration on the site for a celebratory feel.

A Flatbed Truck

Although it may seem a bit rural or rustic compared to other options, there are some high-quality flatbed truck designs that will be mixed among the lease cars of many a business. What makes them unusual? Well, when you’re leaving the wedding, you can stand on the back if the truck is moving at a slow speed, making it almost a mobile stage that can use to show off to the world. Plus, it’s height means that everything about your wedding outfits will be perfectly visible, and allows for great picture opportunities.

Digging or Farming Equipment

Of course, you could also take the complete opposite stance on the rural feel and go for repurposed and repainted farmland vehicles, especially fitting if your roots are from a more rural area to begin with. There’s something about using a vehicle like that for a wildly unsuitable purpose that creates a funny, yet memorable, contrast – one that could end up being the high point of your wedding, and could lead to an interesting photo album somewhere down the line.

Military Vehicles
Even if nobody at the wedding has seen military service, there’s something oddly enjoyable about seeing a hired (and obviously decommissioned) military vehicle pulling up to whisk the new couple away. Depending on which vehicle you use, it could either look like they’re VIPs being escorted home, or a couple of danger-lovers out to cause trouble together. Either way, the memory won’t be forgotten any time soon!

February 12, 2018

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