Wedding Essentials: A Guide to Changing Your Name

These days, it’s a personal choice whether you take your partner’s name when you get married. However, despite it no longer being a requirement, many women still want to share their partner’s surname. If you’re going to go down this route it’s important to know the process as, although it may seem like boring admin, prior planning to make sure the name change goes through seamlessly should be on your list of wedding essentials.

It’s possible that you may not even realise all the options that are available to you. Some need you to go through a process with deed poll, others just require your marriage certificate. Combining surnames, double-barrelling or using your maiden name as a new middle name are all possible.

You must prepare for the fact that when you get into the legalities of your name change, many of the things you take for granted will require updating, and make it one of the wedding essentials on your to do list.


The main examples of this are

Personal & Social (online subscriptions, social media, memberships etc.)

Medical (doctor, dentist, therapist etc.)

Professional (CV, work email signature, HR documentation)

Legal (driver’s license, payment cards, passport)

Make a note of everything you think needs changed as a priority and create a checklist to ensure you don’t overlook anything.

Aside from the practical elements, it’s a big decision to make, which can often seem more of an emotional a process than a legal obligation. While some brides can’t wait to take on their partner’s name, others mull over the idea for a long time. Grooms can sometimes take offence too, seeing the name change as a wedding essential and feeling hurt by a partner reluctant to take their name.

Communication is key, so if you do have concerns, be sure to talk to your partner about it. There are several options that you can talk through and find something that works for the both of you.

After learning the ins and outs of the name change process, the most important thing to bear in mind is that you’re planning a very special day – one that you will remember for the rest of your life and it’s important to enjoy the process – even if it can be a bit confusing or frustrating at times!

The infographic below from the Daffodil Hotel & Spa guides you through the main steps to make sure you don’t get hindered by a technicality further down the line. These simple tips on things to watch out for will help prepare for your upcoming name change, whatever form it might take.


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January 16, 2018

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