Beautiful brows for your wedding day

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Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, right down to the smallest detail of her eyebrows. That's why Chermaine Kyriacou, Head Trainer at Browhaus, has taken the time to gives us her top tips for  beautiful brows on your wedding day.

Top tips for beautiful brows on your wedding day

Step One 

STOP everything you are doing (tweezing, threading, shaving) in fact no eyebrow hair removal for the next few months just let them grow out. Resisting the urge to reshape or even tidy up your brows at this stage will ensure you have the maximum amount of eyebrow hairs to work with before you start styling them. It's a lot more difficult to get a shape you love otherwise.

Step Two  

Beautiful browsIf you naturally have very thin brows and want to achieve a fuller style, you may want to consider trying an eyebrow growth serum like our product called Extend that promotes hair growth or you can use simple methods at home like castor oil, Growth serums are usually your best option as you start to see results in the first month of use when applying the serum use it twice a day for a fuller looking brow

Step Three

If your brows are genuinely not growing then you could look into our Brow Resurrection "microblading" (a semi-permanent tattoo), you'll need to book in around 2-3 months before your wedding (or even sooner if you would like a trial run.) This is because the treatment is a two-step process, with a necessary 4-6 week gap between your initial and follow-up appointment. We'd recommend having a consultation before so you and your therapist know what goal you are trying to achieve

Step Four 

If you have achieved the desired growth with your brows and want to go for something that's not so permanent then you can go for a Browgraphy. This is just a simple Brow thread and tint picking up the finer hairs to ensure a more defined fuller look, if you have a images of brows you like or want to achieve discuss this with your therapist during your consultation. We recommend to come in a week before your wedding.

Step Five for beautiful brows

If you’re not too keen on the idea or having a tint you can always use are Browhaus pencil which will give you a softer look just enhancing the areas you want to pick up. A well-looked after brow opens your eyes and makes you looked more groomed. I would always recommend to come in a week before your wedding. This will tidy up your brows and ensure they are the shape and colour you want on your big day, while leaving enough time for any redness or other issues to be soothed by the time you walk down the aisle. 

Whether you are having your make-up done by a professional or doing it yourself, having a few brow products in your bag will ensure your brows are picture ready throughout the day. We'd recommend our Browhaus pencil which retails for £12.00.



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