Inviting children to a wedding – Double Tree Sheffield have it covered!

Children can really make a wedding very special.   Whether it’s the couple getting married who have children that will feature in the day, or family and friends who want to bring along their kiddies, having children around can really add to the atmosphere of the wedding.  

But, if you are inviting children, it’s important to ensure that they are catered for and looked after during the day. Invest in planning something for them now will ensure parents and children both have a great time!  Our team are experts in organising weddings that include children, and here’s our top tips to help keep children of all ages, amused and entertained all day!

1 – Keep them entertained. Booking some kids entertainers, particularly for during the speeches, works well.  Check your venue has a separate room close to the wedding reception which can be used.  The reception area to our main suite is a great example, as the kids are in a separate, adjacent space yet still close to their parents and able to move freely between the two rooms.  It may also be worth enquiring if the hotel employs qualified child care assistants to help with babysitting duties for the evening reception. 

2 – Kids Zone! Once that you know the ages of the children, create a couple of games and chill-out zones. Each zone/room can have a theme and include toys and games that are appropriate.  Toddlers can have a soft play theme, whilst 5-7 year olds can include lots of lego, balls and a television, and older children can be kept amused with PlayStations and Nintendo Switches. For a bigger budget, set up a cinema room where the children can watch a movie on a huge screen.  Hot, fresh popcorn machines, a hot dog vendor, nachos and even their own ‘mocktail’ or milkshake bar.  They will love it! Double Tree Sheffield

3 – Do yourself a favour. Wedding favours don’t have to be almonds. For children, place colouring books, little boxes of Lego, fidget spinners, soft juggling balls and other small toys on their place setting. One recent couple splashed out & put I-pads on the table (headphones included) loaded with their kids favourite games. Worked a treat! 

4 – Nap Time! If guests are bringing babies, it’s worth setting up a separate room for them for naps and nappy change.  Make sure there is a stock of changing mats, wipes and nappies on hand.  Keep the lighting subdued and have soft music in the background.  Who will nod off first – baby or parent??

5 – Feed them. Depending on the menu, you may want to serve children an alternative such as burger sliders (meat, veggie and vegan choices) and fries with mocktails, followed by a visit to your bespoke ice cream bar - where they can load their sundaes with fresh fruit, sprinkles and other favourite toppings!

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September 4, 2018

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