4 Ways To Make Your Wedding Truly Unique

When the wedding season gets into full flow it can begin to feel like you’re living in Groundhog Day as all the weddings merge into one. That’s because they all have the same features such as similar cars, outfits, locations, speeches, meals etc. so it can all become a bit “samey”.


So what can you do to ensure that your big day doesn’t fall into the trap of becoming just another by the numbers wedding? Here are 4 ways to make your wedding more unique.


Travel In Style


We’ve all seen the traditional classic wedding cars or limousines, which are great, but if you want your wedding to be a little different then there are alternative means of travel to your wedding that you can consider. If you’re a movie fan did you know that you could hire your favourite movie cars for your big day? This is the perfect way to stamp your own personality on the day and your guests will get a big kick out of seeing you roll up in the Delorean from Back To The Future or the A Team van.


A Special Location


One of the best ways to ensure that your wedding is different and that it will last in the memories of your guests is to have it in a location that’s different from the norm. When deciding on a unique location for your nuptials it’s best to choose somewhere which is special to you both. This could be the park where you first met, on the pitch of the football team you both support, if you’re animal lovers it could be at the zoo, how about a rustic barn or even a lighthouse? The options really are unlimited when you are willing to think outside the box.


Let The Kids Behind The Wheel


This concept is becoming more and more popular. Basically you get miniature ride on versions of the wedding cars and let your pageboys, flower girls or any other children involved in the wedding arrive to the wedding or reception in style. It’s sure to be a cuteness overload and it’s safe as the ride on cars is remote controlled so an adult can navigate them into the hall. A definitive photo opportunity!


Have A Theme


Having a themed wedding is a sure-fire way to introduce some fun and uniqueness into the proceedings. Again the best way to choose the theme of your wedding is to think about the common interests and loves you share and try to incorporate them into your day. A lot of people go with a TV or movie related theme. Star Wars, Star Trek, Game Of Thrones and superhero themes are all very popular themes but this guide is about being unique so think about themes that are truly personal to both of you.


A Unique Taste


Most weddings stick to the safe menu of either turkey and ham or beef for the reception. This is your opportunity to add your own touch to the meals by choosing something a little off the wall. How about Chinese food instead of a traditional roast? Or a special centerpiece for each table like our much loved 6 tier strawberry towers?


When it comes to making your wedding a unique experience for you and your guests you are really only limited by your own imagination. Just remember that it’s your big day and to always stay true to what will make the day as perfect as possible for you.


Author Bio: Stuart Cooke is the owner of Auto Kids. They love to see their ride on cars being used by sharply dressed pageboys and flower girls around the UK.



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Friday, August 25, 2017 - 11:15

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