64Facets Is Bringing Beauty To London From Every Angle

After their initial success in the US, 64Facets is proud to announce the launch of their versatile diamond jewellery line in London, designed for the modern woman.

64Facets has combined delicate creativity with multigenerational craft to perfectly encapsulate the wants and needs of today’s modern woman. They do so by transforming beautiful, sustainably sourced rough diamonds into versatile, honestly priced pieces of jewellery.

Launching the business from June 2018 in the UK, 64Facets is proud to bring their uncompromising high-quality and modern collections to London.  

Specialised in cultivating unique techniques, 64Facets is renowned for their remarkable Rose Cut and Old European Cut diamonds, which are showcased through their current five collections; Pave, Scallop, Ethereal, Bridal and One of a Kind pieces.

Created with the modern woman in mind, each piece is not only intricately hand-crafted, easy to wear and beautifully understated but is also competitively priced. Through the use of cutting-edge 64Facets Is Bringing Beauty To London From Every Angletechnology, innovative techniques and ethically sourced materials, the team behind 64Facets are able to create these bespoke, comfortable and stylish pieces that can be worn for any occasion, from the boardroom to the gala.

“As a vertically integrated business, everything is done in-house so that we can control every aspect of the process  - which is reflected in our transparent pricing. ” Gourav Soni states. “We source the finest diamonds in the rough, from responsible trade partners who follow the Kimberly process. Our team of seasoned diamantaires then hand cuts and polishes these rough diamonds, which then fall into the hands of our experienced craftsmen. All the magic happens at one integrated atelier in Surat, India. Following our successful launch in the US in 2016, we are very excited to finally bring our collections to London – the epicentre of modern sophistication.”

64Facets production line flourishes with creativity flowing in both directions; by cutting the stone to fit a design or designing the jewellery based on the available stones, the artisanal diamond masters can create stylish, timeless pieces that tell a story of their own.

The 64Facets family of talented diamantaires and craftsmen, whose expertise spans multiple generations, has perfected the art of cutting and polishing diamonds and crafting fine jewellery. Every rough diamond is hand cut to fully realize its unique beauty, entrapping the beholder's vision.
64Facets is a group of creators united by their passion to transform beautiful diamonds into elegant, versatile pieces of jewellery.



July 25, 2018

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