Add the F factor to your wedding!

Forget the favours, the theme, the table decoration, according to one of the UK’s event experts, more couples need to think about the fun factor for their wedding day.

Sunny Sandwell, director of fun at Sunshine Events said: “Months, sometimes years of planning go into a couple’s big day, but what often gets over looked is the entertainment, often couple’s just opt for the traditional wedding band, however there’s so much you can do on your wedding day to really make it a day to remember.”

Sunshine Events work on weddings up and down the country, providing everything from photo booths to mobile casinos to even inflatable assault courses and virtual reality zones, to really add a wow factor to the traditional wedding day.

Sunny said: “There’s a huge range of fun equipment out there that you can hire for your big day and it will really get people talking, having fun and add that f factor to your wedding day.”

Some of Sunny’s top entertainment ideas for weddings are:

Virtual reality experiences:

The recent boom in technological advances have turned the 90s dream of Virtual Reality (VR) into an actual reality!  

The Virtual Reality experience allows guests to experience an exhilarating, near-reality that is truly breath taking from flying around the solar system, to exploring shipwrecks under the ocean.  

Magic selfie mirror hire:Add the F factor to your wedding!

Have you ever found yourself asking: "Mirror, Mirror on the wall; who is the fairest of them all?"  No?  Well, once you see Magic Selfie Mirror that might have to change! Housed in a wonderfully ornate golden frame, the mirror interacts directly with the users - either by complimenting them on their poses or having a cheeky dig at their smile, pretending to crack if the user is deemed… let’s say “less than fair”.  And as photos are printed instantly, it ensures that everyone in the photo can take home a copy as a souvenir. 

Add the F factor to your wedding!Rodeo Bull:

You maybe surprised but this is one of most popular items for weddings. All your guests need to do is straddle the bull and hold on tight as the ride begins and they’ll either find themselves thrown from the bull onto to the inflatable bed or riding the heifer to victory as you get into the zone and anticipate it’s every move.

Bring the fun fair to the white wedding

What better way to add the f factor than with a fun fair.  From giant inflatable Helter Skelters to coconut shies and even giant inflatable hungry hippos, where guests get strapped to bungee ropes and have to collect balls from the centre of an inflatable assault course, there’s a whole host of fun fair equipment that will keep guests young and old entertained all day.

Vegas or bust – the mobile casino

From roulette tables, Black Jack to full length red carpets, mobile casinos bring a touch of fun and Bond style sophistication to the wedding day. With all the bets made with funny money, there’s no tears for people who gamble it all away. Often couples provide a prize for the best gambler, just to add that extra incentive to the gambling proceedings.

These are just a few of Sunny’s tips to make the day memorable, but for more information on entertainment perfect for weddings visit


September 13, 2018

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