A guide to choosing the perfect wedding flowers for your big day 

Flowers are part of every wedding checklist. Adding blooms to your big day can be as simple as a single rose in a button hole to going full Kim Kardashian and having a wall of flowers. Historically, wedding bouquets are symbolic of youth, beauty and love and the tie represents the union between the couple. 

Flowers have the ability to transform a space by adding colour and enhancing the theme of a wedding.  With an abundance to choose from, here are some questions to ask yourself before selecting your wedding florals.

When are you getting married?

Before choosing your flowers, you must decide where and when you are going to get married. The period of year that you choose may mean certain flowers aren’t easily available, A guide to choosing the perfect wedding flowers for your big day or if so, very expensive. It is always better to go with seasonal flowers like peonies in early summer and roses in winter. Not only will they be cheapest, but they will also give an elegant nod to the season.

What is the theme of your wedding?

It’s always nice when each element of a wedding matches the overall theme or story. If for example there is an overarching black-tie theme, you may want to embrace the more formal floral arrangements focussing on matching neat blush tea roses and ferns. If a more whimsical, relaxed approach is your thing, consider an English garden of overflowing jam jars filled with sweet pea and larkspur dotted around the room. Let your florist know your style and theme and they’ll be able to help you in suggesting appropriate and embracing bunches of flowers that will coordinate with your dress and venue.

What’s your colour scheme?

Flowers don’t necessarily need to match your colour scheme, but it’s always nice if they can complement it. Some couples like their flowers to flow with everything from the colour of the invitations to the ribbons in the bridesmaids’ hair, but others want them to stand out. 

Using bright flowers adds light and fun to the wedding and is becoming increasingly more popular for less traditional couples. There are a number of flowers such as dahlias, A guide to choosing the perfect wedding flowers for your big day carnations, roses and tulips which are available in a range of colours, or get creative and mix and match a selection of your favourites to add a burst of colour to the big day.

What would work in your venue?

As well as your theme, you’ll want to consider the look of your venue. Bright, modern collections may not complement a traditional church venue, so make sure to coordinate your setting with your style. The format of the room/building should also be acknowledged when picking the flowers. Beamed ceilings offer the opportunity for vines and foliage while smaller, more intimate spaces look great with plants that make big, bold statements.

The key thing to remember when selecting your wedding flowers is staying true to the overall feel of your day. Don’t let tradition stop you rewriting the rules and keep the story you’re trying to tell at the front of your mind so it can inform all your floral choices. 

Written by Milena Gorska, wedding and private events planner at The Brewery
Images credit: Joasis Photography 


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