How To Hire The Best Florist For Your Wedding!

There are unlimited things to consider when planning a wedding. Couples need to hire a suitable venue, set a date. Guest list also needs to be prepared as well as invitations also needs to be sent out. Caterers need to be hired and menus need to be finalized. It seems like never ending line of interviews, contracts and decisions. Out of all these hectic jobs, there are some of the less obvious considerations that should not be overlooked - like hiring a florist.

Sometimes, hiring of florist gets left out to the last minute and couples often find themselves struggling to get a good vendor who can supply Sunday flower delivery of flower arrangements they desire.


The following will guide you through the process of finding and hiring the best florist around you to avoid the last minute rush.


It’s vital to start thinking about florist as early as possible. Generally, you should book your florist at least 3-4 months before the date of your wedding. This might sound premature, but you’ll need to consider this time because florist will need to order the suitable flowers and prepare their arrangements. And, if you’ve set your date that’s close to a holiday, then chances are that your florist will likely to be swamped with other orders already. Therefore, give your florist sufficient time to prepare the stunning flower arrangements that you expect.

Interviewing Florists

When hiring separate contractors for each task, it’s essential that you set aside plenty of time for the interviews. Make a list of florists and make appointment to discuss your expectations with each of them.

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