How to keep your teeth in top condition before your wedding day

The Teeth Wedding Routine! A guide on how to keep your teeth in top condition before your big day

It’s your big day… photographers everywhere ready and waiting to shout ‘Smile’ at any given opportunity. It’s only natural to want to ensure your pearly whites are looking their best on your wedding day. ‘Nothing you wear is more important that your smile’ – Connie Sevens. Chipped, crooked, cracked, stained or discoloured teeth are the most common issues patients complain of prior to their wedding. Throughout the brides engagement there are many treatments available to combat these issues and produce a perfect smile she will be proud to show off. Timing is key- some quick fixes are possible but to ensure that the bride achieves exactly what she is hoping for, long term planning and professional overhaul must be considered. Bespoke custom cosmetic and aesthetic treatment plans can be formulated and tailored to the bride which will breakdown and tackle each individual issue to produce the winning smile. Here are some top tips and treatments available every bride should be aware of in the countdown to their wedding day. 




First things first. Go see a dentist! Depending on what you want to achieve- cosmetic or health, always seek advice from the professionals. Leave enough time for the dentist to tailor an appropriate bespoke treatment plan to you so it’s not a last minute rush! 







To remove staining from tea, coffee and or red wine! A hygienist appointment will freshen the mouth and also advice you on home care.




Do not leave whitening your teeth until the last minute. This procedure needs careful planning and time to achieve desired results so it is important not to try cram it in. It takes approximately two weeks to lighten your teeth and the procedure can make the teeth a little sensitive, therefore it is not wise to try attempt this the night before! Please seek professional advice on how to have teeth bleached with at home bleaching kits or in-house treatments




Many people these days wish for that ‘ smile’. Straight teeth can be achieved with several different orthodontic methods eg six month smile or invisalign (invisible braces). If you wish to alleviate any crooked teeth or produce a more uniform smile, seek advice from your local dentist. Be aware teeth straightening can take over a year to achieve so ensure you have enough time in your wedding prep schedule! 


Dr Krystyna Cosmetic Dental Surgeon & Facial Aesthetics Practitioner from

October 27, 2017

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