How to promote your wedding venue

The wedding venues team at top ten ways in which to increase the exposure and quality of individual venues to the ever increasing wedding market.

❶ The majority of wedding couples do not know what type of wedding they want after a surprise engagement, so providing them with as much information about a particular venue at the beginning is important. From the capacity of the venue to what type of service it can offer and everything in between – this will provide couples with a good starting point.

❷ The outside of a building is just as important as the inside. Couples will want to have photographs taken all over the wedding venue, so making sure there are images to promote both the inside and outside of the venue is important and good for maximizing exposure. Hire a professional photographer to take great images for brochures and websites.

❸ Be clear when it comes to wedding packages. Nowadays, with deals being thrown out left right and centre it is key to get the small print absolutely right before promoting a special offer or wedding package through a venue.

❹ If there are plans to host a wedding fair or exhibition make sure this is promoted in all of the right places. The majority of brides and grooms will plan their weddings at weekends or while at work during the week, so get as much information as possible online.

❺ Besides an amazing venue what else is there to offer? A spa? Luxurious bedrooms? A Michelin Star restaurant? Give potential brides and grooms as much info as possible because they may then choose to spend more time at the venue before, or after their beautiful wedding. This type of information is also good for parents and wedding guests.

❻ If the wedding venue is listed online then why not consider promoting the service in more than one county. With such a variety of wedding options around, couples do not always stick to the county they live in. If a venue sits near a county border then consider trialing both counties and seeing which one works best – or listing the venue in several counties to gain maximum exposure.

❼ Keep websites up to date. Wedding planning couples are very net-savvy these days and it only takes a few seconds for someone to be inspired or move on to another website. Keeping the website looking fresh and updated should encourage potential couples to look further in to what you have to offer them.

❽ Has the venue being promoted received good feedback? If thank you letters from previous brides and grooms are available then promote them on the websites. Reviews are key and are read by thousands of couples before they make important and financial decisions.

❾ Be competitive. Couples are faced with thousands of wedding venues after their engagement so making sure that a venue is seen first in online searches is important. For instance the wedding venues section on ranks wedding venues differently, giving priority venues a huge advantage when it comes to being seen first.

Consider the available marketing budget for next year and get the venue seen first.

❿ Does the venue have a dedicated coordinator? If so, why not consider sending them on a training day, conducted by experts.


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