This Magic lingerie will solve women’s shopping nightmares!

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Finding your perfect wedding dress is a dream come true for all brides-to-be, but sometimes figuring out what you are going to wear underneath that perfect dress when you find it, isvery often more of a challenge or for some a nightmare. I have spoken to many wedding party woman and some have owned up to even going commando out of desperation, the saying is “if needs must…” and of course free choice is a wonderful thing, so there is no problem with that route, but most women prefer to don some form of lingerie, just in case.

Those ‘fortunate’ enough to have embarked on the shopping challenge of acquiring matching outfits for bridesmaids must have come to the conclusion that shopping for the special women in your life, who no doubt come in varying sizes and shapes, can definitely be a testing endeavour. We know that latte v dressall of us women, whether you are a Bride or bridesmaid/best woman, love to look glamorous but of paramount concern is how comfortable we feel in our ‘smalls’. 

v-bodyA fantastic range of shapewear lingerie might have the solution to the drama of making sure you and all the women in your life look their best on your wedding day. The V-dress and V-body from Magic Bodyfashion have been designed to give you a sleeker silhouette. They both have built in bras for very low plunging necklines and to create the best cleavage ever!The Bras are padded and moulded for a supportive and comfortable fit, with the added advantage of avoiding any embarrassment on chilly days. The silicone inside the dress make sure it will stay in place so you can avoid any awkward readjusting while dancing the night away with the love of your life.  The special laser cut on the legs of the V-Body makes sure it is completely invisible underneath any of the chosen glamourous outfits. We promise once you have purchased our V- collection piece you will be writing to thank us for sharing these wonderful inventions!

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February 8, 2017

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