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Four in ten freshly engaged[1] couples (42.1%) have announced their engagement on social media before telling their friends and family about the engagement 

A quarter of Brits (24.6%) admit they would post a picture of themselves on social media even before telling their parents the good news

Nearly half of Brits (47.3%) actually admit they would feign surprise if they already anticipated their partner popping the question 

Well over half (60.6%) of people wanting their partner to pop the question even admit to planning their own engagement 

The average value of engagement rings resting upon the fingers of Brits is £715

London, 28th June 2018 - Four in 10 (42.1%) recently engaged couples[1] have posted their news on social media before telling friends and family, according to new research into engagement trends by jewellery insurance provider Protect Your Bubble.

In a sign that proposals are increasingly becoming geared to social media, a quarter (24.6%) of Brits admit they would post a picture of the ring even before telling their parents the big news.

Interestingly though, a third of Brits (34%) would hate to be proposed to in public but don’t mind sharing their engagement with the world via the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Having said that over a quarter of people (29%) believe that the location for the proposal is actually more important than the ring itself.

Close to half (47.3%) of all Brits say that they would fake a surprised reaction if they thought their partner was going to pop the question anytime soon.

The pressure to deliver the goods on social media is seemingly a very gen-Z problem though with nearly a third (29.1%) of 16-24s admitting they'd be disappointed if their engagement announcement got less than 50 likes.

Social media vanity means so much to younger couples (16-24 year olds) that nearly half (46%) would indulge in a manicure if they thought their partner was going to propose soon.

The pressure to plan the perfect engagement has mounted in recent times with six in 10 (60.6%) proposees planning their own engagement and telling their partner what the dream engagement would look like. Shockingly, over a fifth of newly engaged Brits would have turned down the proposal, if the setting wasn’t perfect.

While post-engagement selfie shots rise in popularity, some trends are waning. Just over a third of Brits (39.3%) say they would hold onto the tradition of asking permission from their partner’s parents.

James Brown, director of jewellery insurance provider Protect Your Bubble, comments:

“Brits are becoming more and more wedded to their tech and it’s no surprise that living our life in likes extends even to our love life.The Snappy Couple

“It is something we have become accustomed to seeing more and more of on social media, an engagement ring selfie or a “she said yes” caption.

“No matter where you stand on the matter, social media is making our day-to-day lives easier - a quick and easy Facebook post does the work for you.

“A warning though, that photo of your new diamond ring that you just shared with the world is an advertisement for thieves everywhere.

“With Brits having more than £700 in engagement rings alone, that’s a lot of ring to lose.

“Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself though - it’s worth taking out some form of insurance on your valuables and if you think you’re already covered, check the small print on your plan to avoid a broken heart before or after the big day."


Nationally representative survey of 2,001 UK adults commissioned by Protect Your Bubble via Censuswide. Of those, 1799 are engaged, would like to be engaged or have been engaged before. Data collected 18.06.2018 – 21.06.2018.
[1]Recently engaged refers to couples that have been engaged in the last two years.

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