Social Media Etiquette (Infographic)

It’s a modern day problem to an age old traditional day: social media and whether to allow it on your wedding day. With smartphones being ubiquitous in our world today, social media is simply very much part of many people’s daily lives and a wedding day is just another moment to share. 

Many couples have no issue whatsoever with this and might not even contemplate it in the lead up to their wedding while others discuss it and decide on whether to ban it or allow it. It’s not uncommon to attend a wedding to find a sign at the door asking you to refrain from posting photos to social media; of course there’s the opposite also where you’ll see a sign asking you to post to a specific hashtag! 

It’s obviously entirely up to the couple in question and one might wonder what the issue is anyway? The main thing that probably annoys couples is the lack of control on what images get posted online. The bride might have worked hard on looking her best only to find an uncomplimentary photo posted on Facebook for example. The guest might have posted it innocently but the bride might not like the angle it’s taken from etc. 

Whatever a couple choose about the issue of social media, they should make it clear to guests from the outset but in a polite manner. You can add a small note in the invites or display it nicely on a chalk board explaining that you’d like guests to focus on enjoying their day. 

This infographic from the Sheraton Athlone Hotel highlights the issues surrounding modern day weddings and social media. It looks at the statistics in question; it gives some advice in terms of best practice when using social media for your wedding and it also highlights things you can do to make the most of anything generated on social media about your wedding. Check it out below.



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